Friday, March 8, 2013

What's *cough* *COUGH* Up?

March 8, 2013
I got my Spanish scriptures engraved!

            This week has been all about sickness! Now before you throw me a pity party let's look at the week in summary. That way you'll know how many people to invite. Soooo apparently I was a little more sick than i thought when i was writing my last letter and so this week i have been missing a decent amount of class, gym time, and meals. Basically i woke up Saturday morning with a slight fever, aches, congestion, sore throat, and all other things incredibly pleasant. And i pretty much stayed in bed all day on Saturday after staying in bed most of the day Friday. If you aren't familiar with how being sick works in the MTC, let me explain. Imagine sitting in a box. The box smells kinda funny and theres about 3 things you can do. Sleep, stare at the walls of the box, and wallow in self misery. Soooo basically being sick in the MTC is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to you here. You have nothing to do and my headache kept me from reading the scriptures, and you have to ask roomates or companions or others to get each of your meals for you. "MTC food is the best thing for a sick stomach!" -said no one EVER. 

           So this is how it went, but then Sunday i was in bed and feeling sick and I suddenly felt as though i was wasting away my life (which is an easy thing to think when you're sick in the MTC) and so i decided to go to sacrament meeting since it was fast Sunday and i didn't want to miss Testimony meeting. Well i ended up bearing my testimony and then when i was sitting in my seat i thought of the story of Wilford Woodruff who was sooo sick when he went on his mission that he had to be rowed accross a river and laid in a cart to get to the train station. Then he was laying on the platform at the train station and Joseph Smith walked by. Instead of healing him like Wilford thought he might, he simply looked at him and said "Wilford, Forget yourself and go to work." Sooo basically YOMO. You Only Mission Once. Sooo with renewed vigor i figured that if Wilford could do it, I can too. I'm not nearly as old. (jk I realize he didn't have that beard when he served). Since then, i have been able to manage my symptoms and go to classes and other things. 23 months is too short to waste time sleeping or staring at walls in my room. So one week later and I have been to the clinic, and told to suck it up haha they said it should be gone by Sunday and while I don't think that's gonna happen, at least improved. Moral of the story- FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY DO NOT GET SICK IN THE MTC! You will go insane and you will die...or something not far distant from it.

              This week was also the passing of power. Right before sacrament meeting on Sunday the Branch President came into my room and told me that they were going to have to let me go....wellllll he said something along those lines. It probably sounded more like "We thank you for your diligent service as District Leader but the MTC Presidency has asked that we change leaderships every 4 weeks." But to me, having been laying in my bed for like 3 days and not being able to serve my district during my final days "in office" took that kinda hard at first. But i quickly realized that I was glad to have been able to serve and more than happy to pass on the responsibility so that someone else can have that experience.

               Hmmmmm other news from this week. We hosted the new missionaries again and it was equally incredible! So glad to have that experience. Sunday our district was chosen to usher at the devotional. These people clearly don't understand that I get so easily drunk with power. I almost kicked out the speaker (Elder A.) because he was giving me lip. Something about a seat for his wife ;) jk   Ummmm most of the week was uneventful. We got a new teacher and he is really cool. His name is Hermano Rock (piedra, roca, rocka, rockandroll) or whatever other names we can come up with in the next week. OOOOHHHHH!!! And I am going to the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake in about 1 hour to meet with them and hopefully be able to receive my Visa! Don't know what it's gonna be like but we are taking a train to Salt Lake which will be a nice break from this place for a bitt! haha I'll keep you posted next week on how it went! I don't know whatttt else happened. Just a pretty normal week aside from being sick most of the time.

                Soooo spiritual thought this week comes from Alma 42:24 which says: "For behold, justice exerciseth all his demands, and also mercy claimeth all which is her own; and thus, none but the truly penitent can be saved." That entire part of Alma is basically all about Mercy and Justice and how they work. From what i have gathered is Mercy can't rob justice, which means that there had to be an atoning sacrifice where both mercy and justice could be satisfied. And so if you don't repent you will be subject to all the demands of justice. Now if you haven't read the description of justice in the's really not a very pleasant theme. And when we don't use the atonement to receive mercy, we allow justice to exercise all his demands over us. Basic synopsis = Mercy is like a mattress on a spring bed which is justice...if that makes any sense. Anyway It's not much but just some food for thought since it's been a slow week.aha especially if there is no mercy. Sooooo the basic message is repent or things are gonna be painful.

This is where I'm going

                I hope all is well with everyone. I realized that i only have one more P-day left in the MTC and it is pretty crazy! I'll update you again next week!

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