Monday, January 12, 2015

Putting God First

 WHEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPP Here we are as another week has gone by. MAN they seem to be going fast lately (though im sure i cant imagine why) although it might have something to do with the fact that ive had "Big Yellow Taxi" by Counting Crows stuck in my head like the ENTIIIIIIIIIIIRE week haha oh well.

       My Dad's questionsssss - 1) Our last investigator came from the guitar classes that i am teaching (suprise!) haha The people in our ward knew somehow that i play guitar and asked me to teach lessons to a bunch of them. I told them that if they would bring investigators then i would teach them to play guitar. And so they did! And it was great. We are currently working with the sister of a member and her daughter. They are pretty great. Lots of doubts, but really great haha 2) My bed is pretty much just like at home. Its a twin sized old mattress that sits on top of the base. Its pretty comfortable though after a day of walking, lemme tell ya. 3) Yes, people generally shower every day here and 4) One thing thats great about this culture is that they have lots of ways to greet people, or talk to people you dont even know. I mean, here you walk around saying good afternoon, good morning, and good night to allllllll the people around you and its not wierd! haha and if you walk by someone eating you say "Provecho" and they say thank you.....people, i have no idea who this random dude eating is but we just had a moment! haha so its great. And one thing that could usse improvement about the have to say the intolerance. Anything that is different here, the people reject. Like, if you are from a different religion, people wont even let you do service for them or participate with them in community activities. And a lot of people dont like us just cause we are white or from a different place. Its just kinda a cultural habbit that could be improved.

       Alright, well this week was just grand. Honestly not really. It was a good week, but boy was it a tough one for us. We just walked...and walked....and walkedddddddd. Looking for people to teach and not finding anyone, appointment after appointment falling through, getting stood up by the bishop and not having him on our side in the work, not recieving the support we need from the members, AND of course trying to keep up our motivation up and keep searching. It was tough, but thats how the mission is sometimes. God gives us such great oportunities to realize just how vital it is to struggle sometimes. Hes great, and i love him for it. We are ready to get back out there this week and really stretch ourselves!! Its gonna be AWESOME!!!!!! Im STOKED! But yah, that was pretty much the whole week in a nutshell actually. Not a ton to tell, sorry! 

       Well the spiritual thought this week comes from my Dad! (sorry Dad) haha yah yah yah two weeks in a row, Hamms losing his creative originality but hey, 23 months wears on you haha nah im kidding, but seriously it was too good to NOT share with everybody else ya know?! So my Dad shared with me a quote from President Ezra Taft Benson that i really really liked. President Benson said: "When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives. Our love of the Lord will govern the claims for our affection, the demands on our time, the interests we pursue, and the order of our priorities.  We should put God ahead of everyone else in our lives.” How great is that! Truly giving our will to the Father is a hard thing to do, but when we look at it as such an enabling and helpful move in our lives! When we are struggling with finding a balance in our lives, or when we are just overwhelmed by the amount of tasks we have, we need to put the Lord first. And then when we do that all the things that are truly important will follow, the unimportant meticulous things will fall away, and the glorious calm that comes with that descision will come into our lives filling us with peace. I know that if we place our lives in the hands of the Lord, he will bless us infinitely.


Elder Josh Hamm

Monday, January 5, 2015

You Are a Child of God

Andddd i felt bad cause there arent a lot of pics for this week
so i took a quick selfie right now and am sending it to you. #LIVE

 Wellll this week was fairly boring action wise haha i mean, theres a few little things, but for the most part it was a lot of walking and trying to find new investigators, so ill do my best to spice it up.
       Alright, my dad decided to play 20 questions this week soo lets dive into them. 
1) what do people live like?....ummmm idk, like humans? haha i dont think i understand the question.  But people normally have a one story home with about 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with a patio out back for washing. 
2) There are some homes that are nice and some that arent so nice, but there really arent any that are really beautiful or anything special to be honest. 
3) Yes, they have running water. 
4) Yes, they have electricity 
5) Yes they have warm showers, but a lot of people choose not to use a boiler cause it takes up gas they use for cooking so they just use buckets and shower with cold water. 
6) They do NOT have carpet. Anywhere. Forget about it. 
7) They have windows but they are usually made of steel and have bars over them. Some you can open, some you cant. 
8) They do NOT have screens on ANY windows, so whats comin ins comin in haha 
9) They have garbages....but usually its just a black trash bag at the back of the house. Its rare to take out the trash in anything but those bags. 
10) They do NOT have garbage disposals, EVER, so you have to scrape all the leftover garbage from the sink out by hand and throw it away cause it doesnt fit in the drain either. AND 
11) They dont have garages. Or at least its VERY rare. Most just park their car on the street or some build little chain link fence cages in front of their houses where they park their cars.

Happy New Year from those white kids in Mexico. We still up in this!
Us NOT blowing things up!!!
       Sooo like i said, not alot happened this week. We got to have the Elders of Obrero come over on New Years Eve. (It was early dont worry haha) and we did NOT buy fireworks, and we did NOT blow things up with them, and it was NOT a great time! So dont even think that we did any of that for one moment! We did however buy tacos and also pizza....and nachos. But THAT is another story haha but anyways, it was pretty good overall. Then the rest of the week was just working hard here in Metepec. The only updates that i have are that this weekend we are going to finally have the baptism for a 9 year old son of some recent converts. They have been saying for like 3 months now that they just arent gonna baptize him cause hes just too young and not ready. But we went over a few days ago and taught them. I shared the part in Moses where God tells Adam that his children will be born and have sin enter their hearts. But it says that they will taste of the bitter, so that they may know how to appreciate the sweet. And then it says that its a commandment that we teach those things to our children. We also shared about how repentance is not complete without baptism and then participating in the sacrament. So the best thing that they could do to help their son is to baptize him so that he can repent, and then give him the greatest gift we have, which is the spirit. So it was a good lesson, and he will be baptized by his father this weekend! Its gonna be great. And the only update with A is that we tried to visit him every day this week, but we couldnt find him at home. However, God has to be preparing us and his family cause we found his Mom, and then his younger brother on two different days that we went. They also accepted the invitation to hear us, so we will hopefully be able to get them all together and help them make covenants personally, and then as a family. So pretty great week!

       So to finish off, i wanted to share the spiritual thought that my Mom shared with me (sorry Mom) haha cause it was just too great to pass up. It talks about our true identity as children of God. Its from an article by Elder Tad Callister in BYU Magazine several years ago. In it, Elder Callister shares this beautiful teaching: “There is a sentiment among many in the world that we are the spirit creations of God, just as a building is the creation of its architect or a painting the creation of its painter.  The scriptures teach, however, a much different doctrine.  They teach that we are the literal spirit offspring, or children, of God our Father.  The difference is monumental in its consequence because our identity determines in large measure our destiny.  For example, can a mere creation ever become like its creator?  Can a building ever become an architect?  Or a painting, a painter?  …As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, we believe that we are the spirit offspring of God with inherited spiritual traits that give us the divine potential to become like our parent, God the Father.“ As to this identity, President Boyd K. Packer has written: “You are a child of God.  He is the father of your spirit.  Spiritually you are of noble birth, the offspring of the King of Heaven.  Fix that truth in your mind and hold to it.  However many generations in your mortal ancestry, no matter what race or people you represent, the pedigree of your spirit can be written on a single line.  You are a child of God.”  I add my personal testimony that we are children of God. You have a loving father in heaven who is your literal father. He knows you personally, he loves you personally, and he wants the best for you. When you feel you are alone, or when you feel that nobody cares about you, you are not alone. There is someone who loves you more than you could ever know - God. I know he does, and if you pray to him and ask him in sincere prayer to feel his love, you can know too. I so testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Josh Hamm

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feliz Año Y Prospero Año Nuevo

 ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD, PROSPERO AÑO Y FELICIDAD!
       In my opinion that song is highly UNDER played here considering its in spanish!...well half. Either way im upset.

Soo for my Dads questions! - 1) Idk exactly what everyones traditions are for new years apart from the burning of those old guys haha and i havent even seen many of those here in Metepec or Atlixco. So we will see, however, yes there are always pleanty of fireworks, and music and food. Idk if we will be participating in any of that since its gonna be at midnight -__- butttt we will for sure be those wierd white kids lighting off fireworks and screaming happy new year at 10:27 at night haha so it should be dope. 
2) Different traditions from this year....hmmmmm. Idk i dont think so. Christmas here doesnt really bring many traditions, apart from some that they have in the Catholic church. They dress up little dolls like the baby Jesus and they carry them around for like a week. Then the 27th they put it in a huge manger type alter thing and pray to it. I have no comment on the subject. 
AND 3) Most people that we meet are able to read yes, however there are a lot that cant. Its usually in the smaller cities that are more rural, or when there are like 18 year old kids that dropped out of school. Its pretty sad honestly. But its a different style of life down here.
Anddd this is what the tree looked like when i finished!!
Im a little skinny to be Santa though.
       Alrightttt, well this week was obviously the week of Christmas! Whoop whoop! It was a pretty great time too! Christmas Eve we went with some Elders here and made a cake in the stake center. Dope. It was chocolate, and delicious. So that was good. Then we had a small dinner at the bishops house which was very nice of him. And then we went to bed! I wrapped up a few things for Elder K on Christmas Eve after he had gone to sleep haha so sneaky. And i put them under our Christmas tree and he came out in the morning and saw them haha it was pretty great. Its his first Christmas so, you know, its tough adjusting. But we passed it great! We were able to skype with the family, lots of fun there. We ordered a pizza from dominoes, moved into our new house (photos soon) and we got to go and walk through something called "La Villa Iluminada" which is basically like 10 long streets that they have closed off and decked out in lights. They have little shops all along the way too and rides and a fair. Its a pretty great place and we had a good time. So yah that was Christmas! haha then the rest of the week was pretty normal. 
And this is what the giantttt cotton candy we bought at the
fair looked like!   haha and i know youre gonna call me on
the hat. I just put it on for the picture haha Elder C and
 I bought them together

     We were able to find a new investigator named A.  Now it was cool because since ive been here, ive heard about a family that had a daughter found dead. It was a very ugly story that ill spare you the details of, but i wanted so badly to find that family and be able to maybe give them some comfort by letting them know about the plan of salvation. So we get to this house looking for an investigator and she isnt there but theres this kid there smoking and im like hey do you believe in Jesus Christ and God? And he was like yah. And i was like great, well we talk about that. Do you have any spiritual goals in your life? And he was like not really, i mean i was baptized in the catholic church as a baby and then i had my first communion and...thats it. I dont really know what else there is. And so we invitied him to listen, he accepted, and then when we went back he told us about his sister, and i knew my prayers about finding the family had been answered! We were able to teach him about the plan of salvation and where his sister is! It was soo cool! He accepted a follow up apointment and he promised to pray to know if what we shared was true! He is super awesome. Hes 18 and cant read cause he has to work to help his family and thus had to drop out of school. But i just feel the love of God for him sooo strongly! I wanna help him soo bad! Hopefully everything goes well with him. Ill let you know more later. And thats about it! Things have been great!!

Oh, and Popo exploded

       Sooo the spiritual thought! Alright, the spiritual thought for this week is gonna be short, and it comes from D&C which im studying right now. Its great. But in section 43 it says something awesome. Verse 11 reads: "11 Purge ye out the iniquity which is among you; sanctify yourselves before me;" Thats a direct invitation from the Lord. And i love the way he says it. Purge. The dictionary definition of Purge is - "To rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify" So not just get rid of the iniquity that is among you. But cleanse and purify yoursleves. PURGE the wickedness out of your life, out of your home, out of your family. And remember that it is getting rid of something that is undesireable. God can only help you if you let him. In this new year, i invite you all to make goals and keep them. We have an entire new year to work on purging out the imperfections that we have! So set goals - Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Social goals, and then keep them this year. 

Love you all!
Elder Josh Hamm

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

God Bless Us, Everyone

Saying Goodbye to Elder Mancillas! It was so sad! He was with me in my first area! The time has FLOWN! 
 Wellll i feel like things are going very quickly these days haha I cant believe its been a week since the last time i have written you and i cant believe that pday is almost over! oops. haha soooo i appologize if you have been waiting for a longggg email and still continue waiting. However, know that the missions is just going tooo fast right now. I cant keep up seriously.

Popo looks pretty sick here in Metepec!
       So my Dads questions. 1) I have an absolutely ILL Christmas tie which features Santa....wait for it.....golfing. BOOM. I'll wear it on Christmas so that you can all see it when we skype...well those of you in my family. (rules are rules). 2) The sacrament meeting before Christmas was a normal one. Here they dont really change anything but luckily the Stake of Atlixco was putting on a concert and so we were able to go to that on Sunday night! (more on that in a moment). 3) We had our "Christmas Conference" on Friday this week and it was really good! (Again, more on that to come haha). And 4) Honestly, last Christmas, i wasnt too happy to be on the mission during Christmas, but this Christmas season has been great. Im just so much more excited to share the gospel with people. Like the "He is the Gift" video is a GREAT way to teach people aboud Christ and I LOVE talking about how true it is that he really was the first gift we ever recieved on Christmas. He is the gift, and if we accept him as such, he will become a part of our lives, and we will feel his infinite love. I just have loved focusing on that and his life during this time of the year. Its seriously been GREAT. A once in a lifetime experience.
       Alrightttt well where do i start. Things are good here in Metepec. Elder K is an excellent missionary and we are working very, very....VERY hard here in this area! haha we have just been absoluetly exhausted at the end of the days we have been having and we are already starting to see the results with less actives, new investigators, and we might even put some baptismal dates this week! So things are awesome. Elder K's just got such a great desire to work! One you can only find in new missionaries, so this last change, i couldnt have asked for better! Soooo with that being said, lets hit the highlights. 
This is Elder Tippetts. He is a great man and will be a great leader in this mission.
       On Friday we had our "Christmas Concert". It was our zone (the zone Atlixco) combined with......none other than the zone of IZUCAR! haha so it was greattttt to see all the guys i left behind when i had emergency changes. There are some GREAT upcoming leaders in these Elders. We will be leaving the mission in good hands. So the conference started off with a presentation by President Stellmon. President shared some scenes from the movie "A Christmas Carol" and was comparing them to our lives here on the mission with our investigators. It was great....but i of course made sure that all the Elders within a 5 seat radius around me knew that the best version of this movie was made by the Muppetts. Ba humbug indeed. But it was good none the less and several other fans of the Muppetts shared in my misery. Then the zone leaders split us into groups and we played some little games they had prepared. They were pretty good, and then we had a white elephant gift exchange! It was a riot haha but the thing over-all was a nice break to remember that we are celebrating the true meaning of Christmas....but theres always some time for fun. So that was fun. I also had to bare my testimony casue im leaving before the next Zone Conference...(Yikes!) so that was kinda nerve racking haha but it went well and i hope i left the Elders and Sisters with something. Then we left Atlixco at like 3 to come back to Metepec....and we went to our ward Christmas activity! haha yahhh not many lessons shared on Friday butt we did have a ton of investigators show up!! And i got to perform 2 different songs. One of them featuring a violinist int he ward also. It was beautiful (if i do say so myself) and it turned out to be a great success!
       Alright, then on Saturday we had a great lesson with a less active in the ward. He has had some strong problems with ward leaders and hasnt been to church in over a year. He told us that he knows the church is perfect but the members arent and that he had heard all the things we were going to tell him. He said that he wasnt going to church no matter what we told him. I was really trying to have the spirit help me know what to say becasue he still has such a strong testimony of all the other aspects of the church. So i was impressed in that moment, to talk about the love of God for him. The trust God has placed in him to have him in such a tough ward situation and that fact that he can, in this unique position that he has, decide whether he would like to be a problem or a solution. There are soo many less actives here and being in the club with them is simply causing another problem. But if he chooses to help us in bringing others back to church, and help build the testimony of those who have lost belief, then he can be a solution and a huge help to us. I told him that God needs him on our side, and we need him on our side. He showed up to church on Sunday and this Thursday we are going to visit less actives with him. God is a God of miracles.
The Christmas Concert at 8 oclock!! PACKED!
       So then on Sunday night we went to Atlixco and set up the lights and scenes for the Christmas Concert they had there called "Cien voces de Navidad" or in English 100 voices of Christmas. So on the bus on the way over, i was thinking about the Christmas spirit, and i felt the prompting to tell all the people on the bus about the concert....obviously not an impression i get everyday haha but i kinda didnt want to. Not really scared, just nervous.............And then i was like....oh wait....i only have 4 more weeks to do this......YOLO!!!!!!!! So i stood up at the front of the bus and introduced myself. I explained about the church and the concert and invited them all to attend. They were all pretty impressed and about 14 people on the bus accepted the invitation to go. So we got to the church and started waiting cause we were 2 hours early to help setup. And i was like....well there are pleanty of missionaries helping set up....but whos contacting people?! Again, FOUR MORE WEEKS PEOPLE!! So me and Elder Kidder got 200 "He is the Gift" cards....and we started contacting. We got to formally explain the message and invite 200 people to the concert that night! It was great! And then we contacted all the stores ont the street and invited them too. Then while the first session of the concert was going on at 6, we started inviting people to the session at 8 and i decided what the heck, lets get back on some buses!! haha So we got on about 20 buses as they passed, asked the driver to let us announce soemthing (it happens alot here, and it means we didnt have to pay the ride) and gave the introduction about the concert and about the message we have and invited all of them too! We seriously must have handed out at LEAST 950 invitations to the concert that night. It felt great to be out there really working as a missionary. The sister missionaries attending the table with pamphlets were writting down the address of the church and the hour of the concert on contacting cards cause we ran out of invitations!! And although there werent a TON of people at the 6 oclock session, the 8 oclock session was packed full. It was great. The program was beautiful and i KNOW that people felt the spirit. Plus i got to see a bunch of people from my old ward in Independencia! Its just such a great time to be a missionary!!! So it was an EXCELENT week.
       Soo for the spiritual thought this week comes from Alma 42. In this chapter Alma is speaking to his son Corianton and the lessons he teaches him are spot on for us in our day. In verses 19-22 it reads: 
"19 Now, if there was no law given—if a man murdered he should die—would he be afraid he would die if he should murder? 
20 And also, if there was no law given against sin men would not be afraid to sin.
21 And if there was no law given, if men sinned what could justice do, or mercy either, for they would have no claim upon the creature?
22 But there is a law given, and a punishment affixed, and a repentance granted; which repentance, mercy claimeth..."
       I love this part! Because it explains that we have to have a law that comes with a punishment so that we are compelled to keep the law by our own free will! And it also talks about how when a punishment is affixed, that then there is granted a repentance! It explains it even better here in verse 30:
"30 O my son, I desire that ye should deny the justice of God no more. Do not endeavor to excuse yourself in the least point because of your sins, by denying the justice of God; but do you let the justice of God, and his mercy, and his long-suffering have full sway in your heart; and let it bring you down to the dust in humility.
       I feel like when we think about the justice of God, we are instantly thinking negatively. WE have heard so much about how the justice of God will come down upon us and condemn us...but we dont understand why that is necessary. When we stop excusing ourselves and admit that we have sinned, we allow the justice of God to come upon us. And when we do that, we are automatically entitled to the mercy of God. We are automatically entitled to his long-suffering. And we are automatically entitled to that repentance that with which we can make ourselves clean again!! What a marvilous plan it is! When we let it have full sway in our hearts it will bring us down in humility so that we are made partakers of that great redeeming sacrifice given by our savior. I love my savior. He suffered for me and all the sins i have committed. And even though i am not deserving of such a great and infinite love, He freely gives it to me. I am so grateful for Him, especially at this time of year. So humble yourselves. Be partakers of the gift our Heavenly Father has given us. HE IS THE GIFT. Accept the gift and let it change your life.
       Merry Christmas Everyone. We have hope.

Elder Josh Hamm

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Emergency Changes....ROUND 2....FIGHT!

Oh, and President and I KILLED it with our
Christmas ties haha #SWAG
Saying goodbye to our converts!  It was bitter-sweet....
well, ya know, of course now it just seems bitter. haha
 Whoops. Welllll i know i promised a biggg email this week since i would have sooo much more time, but a short 5 days after i recieved my new companion....i got EMERGENCY CHANGES! It wasnt cause of anything i did, but thats just how the cookie crumbles.....especially when someone else sits on it -____- yuppp but since all that went down...ummm TODAY. It made it just a little hard to get everything packed, say goodbye to those i could, and then take a bus to my new área. So here we are in the new área. Its called Metepec and it happens to be in the zone of.....*drum roll* ATLIXCO!! So its kinda nice being here in the zone again, although at the same time, im in a kind of pueblo outside of the city instead of in the center like last time. Oh well, ill get over it haha but yah, looks like, if there arent any more unseen emergency changes -__- that i will be finishing my misión here. Sooo time to really put my shoulder to the Wheel!

       So for my Dads questions....1) Yes, i have a new comp...actually i got 2 new comps haha ill explain that right now. 2) The first was from Mexicali....or Baja California. The new ones from Chandler, Arizona. 3) Do they have candy canes there? NO....honestly ive looked and no they dont which is sad cause they have decorations of them, but theyve never even tasted the real thing!! Urgh. 4) My morning routine is wake up, stretch, try to look like im doing something similar to excersize, breakfast, shower, and then studies! Pretty exciting life we live here on the misison haha 5) D&C 4: No, we dont recite it every day, but we do recite it at any missionary meeting! ANd i might be doing it every day right now to help my comp learn it.
I got to see a TON of people at changes!  it was great.
But its sad thinking I might not see a lot of them again...
at leasttttt soon. :/
GRANDPA!! I FEE SO PROUD! Even though he didn't
tell me so it could be a surprise haha  i was geeking out
at the changes meeting!

      Alright well the big thing this week was that which i will explain now in more depth. I went to changes and got my companion Elder H.....which will be spoken of very little as our companionship lasted 5 days haha BUT in those 5 days we had the Council of the Leaders of the misión and it went great. We learned a lot, joked around, ate some GREAT American food (Thank you sister Stellmon!) and i got to take a bunchhh of pictures with the guys going home, and other people i probs wont see again anytime soon. So it was good. We also got to help baptize a family we have been teaching with the other Elders and it was great. Then we were also able to talk to our investigator Y. Y has been having a tough time accepting the baptismal date, and its only cause she didnt really feel ready. But as i talked with her on Sunday, she broke down crying telling us about a spiritual experience she had while reading the Liahona that we gave her. She said she knows now that she wants to be baptized on the 20th of December! Its pretty great! Even though im probs not going to be able to be there cause im not allowed to go back to Izucar right now. But its all the same work guys. Doesnt matter who does the ordinance, so long as the covenant is made! :) So that was really great too!

Me, Elder K, and his Father!!
I'm technically the step father. haha happened. haha it doesnt really matter why. Just that it happened haha I happened to have emergency changes. I have already taken a picture with my new companion of 45 minutes Elder K from Arizona, which will be attatched i assure you haha he is in his second week of training so im going to be finishing the 12 week program with him and really working hard in this área so that he can baptize!! We are going to be trusting a lot in the Lord. We'll see what happens. Hes got a lot of potential to be a great leader in this mission.
       Anddd to finish things off with the spiritual thought, i thought id share with you a little insight that seems to always come to mind whenever there is a moment of change or of doubt. Whenever something bad happens to us, we as humans instantly get something not too unlike tunnel visión. All we can see is the problem that we have and that it seems so great that we will never overcome it. But we forget that there is a grand creator with a plan and a purpose, and that is to help us achieve imortality. We ALSO need to always remember that Life Goes On. It truly waits for no one and soon enough, this time in your life will have passed and the question wont be "When will it end?" The question will be "How did you respond to it and how did you act throughout it?" Theres a really cool poem that i memorized when i was in high school that goes like this:

Did you tackle that trouble that came your way
With a resolute heart and cheerful?
Or hide your face from the light of day
With a craven soul and fearful?
Oh, a trouble’s a ton, or a trouble’s an ounce,
Or a trouble is what you make it.
And it isn’t the fact that you’re hurt that counts,
But only how did you take it?
You are beaten to earth? Well, well, what’s that?
Come up with a smiling face.
It’s nothing against you to fall down flat,
But to lie there – that’s disgrace.
The harder you’re thrown, why the higher you bounce;
Be proud of your blackened eye!
It isn’t the fact that you’re licked that counts;
It’s how did you fight and why?
And though you be done to the death, what then?
If you battled the best you could;
If you played your part in the world of men,
Why the Critic will call it good.
Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce,
And whether he’s slow or spry,
It isn’t that fact that you’re dead that counts,
But only how did you die?

So we arent dead, but the point is you have to listen to the words of Frankl and live worthy of your sufferings! God has a plan. He will see you through whatever awaits you. And all he asks of us is that we trust him during our trials, knowing he gives us all things for our benefit.
Heres' to the next 5 weeks!! :)

Elder Josh Hamm
I got a bunch of pictures with Elders at the Leaders meeting too!
It was great to see all those guys!!  

Saying goodbye to P.  Gonna miss that kid.  But hes
training in Puebla, so I think hes doing fine haha

These are 2 investigators we got to baptize!  I baptized
the Mom on the left and Elder Z baptized the daughter
on the right.  It was great!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shawty ("Shorty" for all of you old folks)

 Hey guys!! So ive written short emails, but seriously, this ones gonna be short. Short like the devil! (spiritually of course). SHORT with a capital sh.....well you can see that they are capitalized actually. But the point is, Elder P has changes and we are running around saying bye to people and packing and cleaning the house. So things are crazy. We are going to have people staying at the house tonight too cause we are going to have 5 new district leaders this coming change......FIVE my friends.....FIIIIIIIIIIVE. Seriously its gonna be out of control. Soo we have to get everything ready in advance for all of that.

       The quick summary of the week was that it was overall good. We had interviews and they were awesome. President Stellmon is a great man. I love him a lot haha just so it be known. Oh, and his wife is also awesome. So theres that. Therell be more details about this next week, buttttt in other not so shocking news, i was sick again. THey gave me the flu vaccine and well...i got the flu. Funny how that works...oh thats right. THATS NOT HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO WORK!! haha but oh well. Im on the tail end of it. Literally, my tail aches from all the tail end of it....ya digg?

       Also I apologize in advance for next weeks email which will be incredibly longggg haha cause changes are always juicy on the misison and on top of that ill have a new companion, new responsibilities andddd you know all that jazz. So it will be great, and terrible! Look forward to it ;)

       Andddd i have to mention here that im going into my LAST change on the misison sooo Im ready to finish out strong. Its not about working hard...its about working effectively. More effectively and more diligently than ever, and thats what im ready for. So heres to the next and LAST six weeks. 

"Annuit Cœptis"... God Favors Our Undertaking 

Elder Josh Hamm

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Brayan!! Back to Atlixco!

And these are ALL the people who got baptized there in Atlixco! It was great to see all the people i taught while i was there finally make that covenant! Grateful to have been a part of it :)
      Whelp another week down and the last one of the change beginning. It was a pretty good one actually! Not crazy filled, but good none the less.
Which brings me to my Dads questions!

       1) I would say that fluent in spanish. However, there are a few words that i still dont know. Like people use a different word to describe the same thing. Buttt that doesnt happen very much. 2) My personal typical contact approach is just talking about whatever haha i dont like to go straight into "hey were missionaries". I prefer to be like "wow, your baby is tinyyy! How many months does he have?" or something like that. And then later touch the gospel. and 3) My socks are like my calling....holy. haha but they havent ripped completely yet! sooo ive got that going for me ;)
Me with little Brayan after the blessing! :)

       Alright, like i said, theres really not much to tell. The only awesome thing was that i got to go back to Atlixco and do a baptism for 2 of the people that i taught while i was there! It went really well. The daughter JUST had a baby and they are falling on hard times since its just the Mom and her daughter, and now the baby, so i bought them a blanket and made my BEST attempt at stitching the baby's name into it haha it was....alright? Its legible hahaha thats what matters! But it was good and then i got to hold the baby (LEGALLY!) cause they asked me to give him a blessing. It was GREATT!! haha seriously. And yah, it was just good to see everyone too! And i did a surprise musical number! It was a surprise to me, cause i didnt know i was gonna do it! haha surprise!! haha alright, but thats literally it. Sooo now for the spiritual thought.

       The spiritual thought this week comes from Alma 5. It says in Helaman 5 verse 4 that Nephi was weary of the sins of his people and so he left the judgement seat and went to preach the gospel the remainder of his days. Wow. I have noticed this type of true love for God and others several times in the scriptures. Someone who gives up all they have, even a kingdom, to go and preach the gospel. Missionary work is great! And clearly soo important! Ive just realized that when it says in D&C that the thing of most benefit for us would be to preach the gospel, they arent kidding! Its really more important than EVERYTHING!! How great is that?! So if you are in the position to serve a mission....serve it. And if not. Make sharing the gospel with your neighbors and friends a priority. Its the most important thing after all!!

Elder Josh Hamm
Blanket I stitched for Brayan

We stayed the night at the Elders house there in Atlixco