Monday, June 17, 2013

"Now lemme see you work, work, work, work, work"

A sic pic at that Lagoona
June 17, 2013
The Flood

Soo i cant remember (nor do i feel inclined to tell you) what song that is but lets just say its a popular song and i cleverly replaced a word with the word work haha maybe it sounds better in my head. Who knows. 

It was also hailing...they were about
as big as a dime, even though that's a peso
          Anyways, this week has been absoluetly exhaustingggggg lemme tell you. We have all of like 2 investigators right now adn that means that we have to find more. We have been walking allll over our area exhausting every option, from old references, to dropped investigators, to new bad references, to asking for references, to checking random pages in our area book, buttt the cherry on top is that our area is hugeeee and one day we literally walked to 3 of the 4 corners of our area. From our house to one corner was 40 minutes, then from there to the other corner was 25, and then to the other corner was another 25, and then home was another 35. And of course that doesnt include all the 5th story apartments we got to go knock haha Sooo needless to say it was a pretty exhausting week physically and emotionally...."but dont worry, theres another one comin tomorrow!!!" haha

So the only news from this week was 2 things. Number one, on Wednesday we had a FLOOD. The water was so rediculous! It was up to my mid thigh in teh streets at one point but we loyal missionaries had to get to an appointment so we marched through it, and everytime a car drove by it was like being at a freekin beach haha it was a huge wave that we had to run towards and try to jump over haha it was rediculous. And i just wanna throw in that waterproof shoes are only "waterproof" until water gets up over your ankles and in....then they just hold the water in nicely hahaha Number 2 isnt very exciting but a lady in the ward served us chicken neck....which was....interesting followed by rabbit, and lemme tell you, there is nothing to make rabbit taste good like proceeding it with chicken neck haha and then the very next day we ate at this ladys house and she just kept giving us food and i got sooo full i wanted to throw up ALL OVER HER TABLE...but i didnt, and the mutual good feelings continue haha
A truck making a WAVE toward us. haha
It curled and crashed and everything!

             So the spiritual thought for this week comes from a less active member we are teaching. She lives in a different area  so we have only taught her like 3 times when we find her at her sisters house. But the other day we thought hey, why not stop by this lady's house and see whats up. So we stopped by to see if this less active was there and she was. While we were teaching her, the spirit was so strong, and she told us that whenever she is feeling really down she comes to her sisters house and every time she goes over there we just happen to come by. She then bore her testimony about how she knows that isnt coincidence and God really is looking out for her. She was crying, i was trying not to cry, and it was awesome. I know that God knows and loves each and every person on the Earth and he wants to help us and pick us up when we are down, and when we excersize a particle of faith, he takes that and magnifies it so that he can help us. Dont be afraid to tell Heavenly Father that you need help, and always know that no matter how far youve strayed, the shepherd of the fold will never stop looking for you and as soon as you start taking those steps back to him, he will start running to you. 

Elder Hamm
A baby bunny

My decorated Agenda.  It was hard work!

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