Monday, October 14, 2013

Running Out of Clever Titles...and I'm only 1/3 done

Our Zone...I'll tell you where we were later.  Haha
Soo big news this week is......IM SICK AGAIN!! yayyyyy. But we will get back to that in a minute. First, my dads questions: Lunch down here is the big meal, not dinner, so people eat different stuff all the time just like in the US. But you can COUNT on having corn tortillas. Usually its a soup (chicken brothishthing with vegetables), followed by some type of chicken with rice and beans, or chicken in a sauce, or something. And then the dessert here is always fruit haha but its usually not bad. Not a single house here has AC or heating. Not a single one haha so that can get a little warm sometimes. But they are all made of cement so it stays pretty cool. And the USA treat I miss the most?? gonna have to say Baked Lays barbeque. MONEY haha they dont have them ANYWHERE here sadly, trust me ive looked.

       Sooo this week we went to eat at a certain house and the Elders told us that everyone who eats there gets sick. But ya know we dont really have any choice so we went. So I woke up Saturday not feeling so good and then by 4 oclock i was throwing up...alot. So everyones like wow Elder Hamm is sick again. Passed the night doing the same thing, puke, sleep for 20 minutes, ya know fun stuff. Then on Sunday morning i was still too sick to go to church (I know, Im gonna start showing up on the list of less actives) so just Elder G and his comp went to church. But half way through sacrament meeting Elder G was feeling awful so he came over and stayed with me at the house sick while our comps went to church and the food appointment. Then we fall asleep, wake up and its 7 oclock and we are like woahhh where are our comps? So we call them and it turns out my comp felt horrible after church and so they went back to the other Elders house to rest. So we ended up doing unexpected interchanges since none of us had enough strength to walk all the way to the other ones house haha bummer but luckily we are all feeling relatively better today.

Me and my companion.  Again, location comes later. haha
       We got to go out to visit people with the first councilor in the bishopric this week which was awesome. We visited a few less active families including one that we had never met before and when we got there the mom was so happy to see us. She said that the missionaries used to visit her and her husband who isnt a member all the time and then about 4 months ago, they just stopped. Basically our area has been really hard because the other Elders before us lost the respect of the members cause they didnt work at all. And now we get to visit her and her family and they even came to church on Sunday!....even though we didnt ;) haha

        Spiritual thought this week is gonna be short cause we are going to get some easy-on-the-body food in a minute but it comes from....well my mind, kinda influenced by Elder Bednars talk in conference. Basically I think that a lot of the time we (me included) pray for specific things and then look for specific things to happen in our lives....but that isnt how God works. We need to pray for his help and then look for the evidence of that help in all aspects of our lives. I think the reason why many of us dont always feel like our prayers are answered is because we are all looking with a closed mind for what we think is best for us. You asked your Heavenly Father who is omnipotent and omnicient knowing that he knows all and can help you....and then contrarily imposed your own idea of what you needed in your mind. We know he knows us better than ourselves and we know he knows whats when we pray, ask for help and then diligently search in all aspects of life for the blessings he is undoubtedly sending.

Hey fammmmmmmm!! Loveeee ya lots ya know! hope things are going well....i feel like i always say this stuff. Butttt stay true, have fun, live life, etc. All is well in Zion!....wait...i mean....all but that last part ;)

Elder Josh Hamm

Celebrating Elder Grows 18 month mark!
Funny how things work out. I was there for his year mark too.
The most dissapointing chips EVER. Dont buy them.

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