Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Power to Lead

Ain't Nobody Fresher than my Clique

Whelp. This week was good....and lame haha In other words...there will be several pictures...but for the most part, the email should be fairly short haha Sooo to start out. We were able to find a new family this week which was good. We have really been focusing on finding as a mission. So we now have a weekly indicator which we report at the end of each week. It is "contacts made" and we are expected to get 70 contacts each week. Good news is neither me or my comp feel wierd talking to random people on the street or combi or store etc. So we have been doing good in that and we are actually finding a decent amount of new investigators. Then we had all the appointments the other days fall through. TONS of fun, lemme tell ya. Buttt the highlight of the week came when we had the leadership capacitation! whoop whoop. It was awesome. Got to learn some stuff, see P, D, A, S, I, and it was just great overall haha So that was the highlight. We also took advantage of what will likely be the last time we are together the 4 of us :( P goes home in literally 2 weeks. So we had a little photoshoot haha it was a good time. One of these pictures should go as my wallpaper on my facebook, thats all im sayin haha it was awesome.

The Baptism!
Andddd the only other highlight this week was that I got to baptize! As you know I had some unexpected changes a couple weeks ago and Im no longer working in my old area. Buttttt the missionaries who replaced me and my companion are sister missionaries! Sooo when they are now baptizing my investigators, it counts for them, but they cant do the ordinance. So the people choose me :) So yesterday after church I got to baptize one of my old investigators E! It was awesome and hopefully his Mom and Dad will be following close behind once they get married!

       Sooo i know it seems a bit early for the spiritual thought....but i tried to warn you, this week was NOT the most exciting time ever. So the spiritual thought comes from the leaders capacitation we had, and it, like this email, is short. But take it for what you will. At one point in the conference, President quoted Thomas S. Monson who said "The power to lead is the power to mislead. The power to mislead is the power to destroy." Although it was directed at a group of leaders, I believe it applies to everyone. Almost everyone has someone who looks up to them, whether it be a friend, child, or maybe even someone you dont know. But the point is that they look up to you. They might not consider you a leader, but the things you do affect the way that they act and the impression they have of what is acceptable. We ALL influence the people around us with the things we say and do. And that power is great. So it is up to you to choose whether you will lead, or mislead, knowing that the power to mislead is truley the power to destroy. Your move.

D and A photobombing an otherwise nice photo

Then the actual nice photo

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