Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Priesthood Power

The new Bros pics

Okay, so we ALWAYS start out with my Dads questions.....so lets not break tradition. 1) Conference was SICK. I will elaborate a little more on that in my spiritual thought but just so you know, yes we watched it in English, all 5 sessions. 2) Yes, they have ward activities but not many people usually show up. They arent super excited to go to the chruch any day but Sunday. Kinda sad, but its the truth. When they do BIG parties, yes. Like a Christmas party or Mexican independence day, or stuff like that. 3) Yes, they have piñatas at birthday parties, but even more they have them at whatever party. Doesnt matter the occasion. And they have a song they sing while the people take turns hitting it. When the song ends, your turn is up. Its pretty fun. 4) Yes, they have candy in the piñatas...5) thats an oppinion...but i dont really like a lot of the mexican candy cause its pretty much any normal candy covered in chile. But there are some good things so it kinda evens out....kinda.

       So the news this week is that I DIDNT have changes. But it was Elder P's lastttt changes meeting and the last time I would be able to see him and he had something he wanted to give me and i was gonna give him something so....I called President, and asked what I thought to be a hopeless question...I asked if i could go to Changes meeting, and he said OF COURSE. So #1 President is awesome and I love that man and #2 I got to go to changes and say bye to P! We also took bro pictures cause you know, its the last time and everything. They will be included later. Not gonna lie, it was tough saying goodbye. Probably sounds dumb, but youre pretty much quarentined on the mission from people outside, and so when someone leaves, its like now you are super seperated from them too. But we didnt cry, sooooo i count that as a win. As for the rest of the week. We worked hard, got some new investigators, met some people and had some pretty sweet experiences. Its a TON easier only working in one ward, even if you still cover 8 pueblos. Thats all im sayin. Then of course, General Conference. It was awesome as usual. All the Americans were together in one room watching on a tv and we had a great time. And thats pretty much it. Wierd how a super successful week on the mission can also be super boring to tell about. 

       Spiritual thought this week comes from my favorite talk from conference (that was a real tough decision by the way) by Elder Donald L. Hallstrom during the priesthood session. First off, you have to know that after the saturday afternoon session of conference a sister missionary from my district asked me for a blessing because she was having a hard time adjusting to a new companion and a new area after a GREAT first area and companion. This is not to make her feel bad, but the opposite. She asked me if i could give her a blessing and I told her of course, and asked what type of blessing she would like. I was touched as she broke down crying and explained her worries and struggles. This faithful sister missionary trusted so much in the holy priesthood of God. She knew that if she recieved a blessing she would be able to feel comfort and peace. The blessing was incredible. I could feel the love of God for her so strongly and we both left spiritually enriched from the experience. Elder Donald L. Hallstrom told us that he couldnt hope to get in our faces and speak as powerfully as Jeffrey R. Holland, but he came close. He said "...dear brethren, we need to wake up to how commonly accepted practices in the world, choke our power in the priesthood. If we think we can even flirt with pornography, or violations of chastity or dishonesty in any form and not have it negatively affect us and our families, we are decieved." That really hit me. In the world today there are so many people who are good people, role models, or "esteemed of the world" that would try and tell us that the things they practice are "okay", and to the world they are. Sin is commonly accepted in many forms in todays world. But we know better. These comon practices of the world CHOKE our priesthood power and limit our ability to be worthy of the great blessing we have. So dont be fooled by the practices of the world. Thomas S. Monson said "It is impossible to stay upright when roots are planted in the shifting sands of popular opinion." Listen to the prophets, follow what they say, and always live worthy to exercise your priesthood.

Elder Josh Hamm

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