Monday, May 19, 2014

Do You Love Me?

Me up on that big hill in our area. And POPO!! Its been a while right? 
 Soooo as you all know, we had changes this week and I know you are dying to hear all about them so here you go. I am now in the Zone Atlixco which is about 1 hour from Puebla on a bus. My comps name is Elder A and he is from Sonora. Our area is called Independencia and it is pretty great. Its a beautiful city and Im right in the middle of it so we have a lot of perks. (definitely nicer than my other area). We also have a lot of work in the area which is nice, although there is giant hill we have to climb pretty much daily which is helping me get my excersize and then some. 

I am District Leader here and I have 12 people in my district....its the biggest in the mission. I have 4 companionships of Sister missionaries, 2 of which are training, and one of which is training AND opening a new area. So needless to say I have my hands full. The other 2 Elders in my district are also none other than......*drum roll*......Elder A and Elder D. Yes, as fate and irony would have it, I am now Elder A's district leader haha so Im superrrr stoked about having them so close. And we are gonna be seeing a lot more of each other too so that's awesome. There are mosquitos here....not too many, but I could'nt sleep last night because I would wake up hearing a mosquito rightt by my head and then i finally put the covers over my head and found a bite on my foot in the morning -__- first question when i get to heaven. WHY. And, well I think thats about it! So there are the changes. President told me he was going to put me in a....challenging situation and so I can already tell its gonna be a little bit hectic, but im super excited to be in a new area. 

Oh, and to answer my Dad's question, no, people dont mow their lawns with gas mowers....they dont really have lawns...and if they do, they are so small that they just pay someone to cut it with a machette....true story. I did it once as a service project....just about as fun as it sounds....not at all.

       So this week was good. Not too much to report since Ive only been getting to know my area so far, and i didnt get here till Wednesday night, butttt I'll fill you in on what I can. Atlixco is known as the "City of Flowers" and its known for the best climate in Puebla. Its amazing weather here, not gonna lie. We have some good investigators, one with a baptismal date for this Sunday and the other with a date for the 7th of June. Our ward mission leader got back from his mission literally 3 weeks ago so he is a hard worker and helping us a lot haha the bishop and the rest of the ward are awesome and they are also gonna be helping a lot. Anddddd it looks pretty great.

Shout out to Elder B sleeping on the bus.  Im gonna miss that kid.

        So the spiritual thought for this week is from something President Reeves was telling me in a interview we had after changes quick meeting. I was telling him about some struggles ive been having and he was talking about sacrifices and giving up on the things that are bringing me down. He shared the story of Jesus and Peter when Jesus asks him 3x if he loves him more than THESE. He explained that we can really put in anything we want in that blank, and ask ourselves the same question. Do we love Christ our savior more than a bad movie, an off colored comment, momentary pleasure? There are endless things we can put in there with all of the vices we have in this world. But then, we have to also fill in the answer. He said, "Then feed my sheep" Go ahead and replace that with Then....dont watch it, leave the room, say a prayer, talk to your bishop. Whatever we need to do to show Christ that we love him more than we do these things of the world. So ask yourself that same question, and then take action trusting in his atoning power to help you.

Elder Josh Hamm

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