Monday, September 15, 2014

Changes.....are getting really old

The neighbors asked us to store their "cabeza de rez" in our fridge cause they dont have one. And they invited us to eat posole of cow head with them. Not gonna lie, the chances of them getting an RSVP are slim to none.

    Alright, the big news this week, which wont come as much of a surprise to most is that i have changesssss. Yuppp, my time in Atlixco is finally up. Not gonna lie, im gonna miss it. Ive gotten pretty used to the life here by now, and i feel like that is EXACTLY what the Lord DOESNT want to happen, so he knew it was time that I had a change. Sooo next week i will be writing you all to let you know where my new area is and who im with!

       Sooo to start out with my Dads questions, we are going to dive into the email! 1) Yes, i still have my guitar, and im actually growing more and more attached to it every day haha 2) Yes, i have written quite a few songs lately, that i actually think are the best ones that i have written, but right now im in the process of converting some hymns to a classical-guitar type feel and adding in a little bit of singing from time to time also. They are coming out pretty cool. So far ive figured out how to play "I am a child of God", "Lead Kindly Light", "If you could hie to Colob", and "My Heavenly Father Loves Me". Im really enjoying it. ANDDD 3) The last time i "performed" for someone was every now and again when people find out and i play a few songs for them. Its usually Elders over at my house and i put on a mini-concert haha but only on P-day ;)

       Welllll this week was filled with running around trying to prepare the investigators in the best way possible for the chance that both me AND my companion have changes, butttt its just me that has changes, so luckily the investigators can keep progressing with Elder Párraga in the meantime. We were able to put baptismal dates with a few of them this week for the end of this month! So that will be awesome! Anddd that pretty much brings me to my spiritual thought.

       Sooo I have been seeing a pattern emerging as i have been going through my mission, and ive stumbled across something that has led me to a spiritual insight. So in my mission, i have had the blessing of baptizing several people, and for that im very greatful. However, there have been incredibly MORE times when i have gotten to my areas and worked hard in finding and preparing people for baptism and then having changes before being able to see them actually get baptized. BUT the point of this is NOT so that you feel bad for me. Actually, its almost the opposite. I want you all to know something that is vitally important in the church. We ALL have different roles in the work of salvation, but that doesnt mean that we are any less important than the next person. Members, missionaries, and leaders all have their different, and equally key parts in bringing souls unto Christ. Elder Uchtdorf once said "Lift where you stand!". We cannot do it alone! D+C 84:109 reads: "...and let not the head say unto the feet it hath no need of the feet; for without the feet how shall the body be able to stand?" Its the truth. We are all needed in this work and no member can give up, or stop doing their part, without expecting the whole body to suffer because of it. The work will move forward regaurdless, but each of us can take part in this great hastening as we understand and act out our individual roles.

Elder Josh Hamm

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