Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shawty ("Shorty" for all of you old folks)

 Hey guys!! So ive written short emails, but seriously, this ones gonna be short. Short like the devil! (spiritually of course). SHORT with a capital sh.....well you can see that they are capitalized actually. But the point is, Elder P has changes and we are running around saying bye to people and packing and cleaning the house. So things are crazy. We are going to have people staying at the house tonight too cause we are going to have 5 new district leaders this coming change......FIVE my friends.....FIIIIIIIIIIVE. Seriously its gonna be out of control. Soo we have to get everything ready in advance for all of that.

       The quick summary of the week was that it was overall good. We had interviews and they were awesome. President Stellmon is a great man. I love him a lot haha just so it be known. Oh, and his wife is also awesome. So theres that. Therell be more details about this next week, buttttt in other not so shocking news, i was sick again. THey gave me the flu vaccine and well...i got the flu. Funny how that works...oh thats right. THATS NOT HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO WORK!! haha but oh well. Im on the tail end of it. Literally, my tail aches from all the tail end of it....ya digg?

       Also I apologize in advance for next weeks email which will be incredibly longggg haha cause changes are always juicy on the misison and on top of that ill have a new companion, new responsibilities andddd you know all that jazz. So it will be great, and terrible! Look forward to it ;)

       Andddd i have to mention here that im going into my LAST change on the misison sooo Im ready to finish out strong. Its not about working hard...its about working effectively. More effectively and more diligently than ever, and thats what im ready for. So heres to the next and LAST six weeks. 

"Annuit Cœptis"... God Favors Our Undertaking 

Elder Josh Hamm

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