Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feliz Año Y Prospero Año Nuevo

 ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* *Duh* ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD, PROSPERO AÑO Y FELICIDAD!
       In my opinion that song is highly UNDER played here considering its in spanish!...well half. Either way im upset.

Soo for my Dads questions! - 1) Idk exactly what everyones traditions are for new years apart from the burning of those old guys haha and i havent even seen many of those here in Metepec or Atlixco. So we will see, however, yes there are always pleanty of fireworks, and music and food. Idk if we will be participating in any of that since its gonna be at midnight -__- butttt we will for sure be those wierd white kids lighting off fireworks and screaming happy new year at 10:27 at night haha so it should be dope. 
2) Different traditions from this year....hmmmmm. Idk i dont think so. Christmas here doesnt really bring many traditions, apart from some that they have in the Catholic church. They dress up little dolls like the baby Jesus and they carry them around for like a week. Then the 27th they put it in a huge manger type alter thing and pray to it. I have no comment on the subject. 
AND 3) Most people that we meet are able to read yes, however there are a lot that cant. Its usually in the smaller cities that are more rural, or when there are like 18 year old kids that dropped out of school. Its pretty sad honestly. But its a different style of life down here.
Anddd this is what the tree looked like when i finished!!
Im a little skinny to be Santa though.
       Alrightttt, well this week was obviously the week of Christmas! Whoop whoop! It was a pretty great time too! Christmas Eve we went with some Elders here and made a cake in the stake center. Dope. It was chocolate, and delicious. So that was good. Then we had a small dinner at the bishops house which was very nice of him. And then we went to bed! I wrapped up a few things for Elder K on Christmas Eve after he had gone to sleep haha so sneaky. And i put them under our Christmas tree and he came out in the morning and saw them haha it was pretty great. Its his first Christmas so, you know, its tough adjusting. But we passed it great! We were able to skype with the family, lots of fun there. We ordered a pizza from dominoes, moved into our new house (photos soon) and we got to go and walk through something called "La Villa Iluminada" which is basically like 10 long streets that they have closed off and decked out in lights. They have little shops all along the way too and rides and a fair. Its a pretty great place and we had a good time. So yah that was Christmas! haha then the rest of the week was pretty normal. 
And this is what the giantttt cotton candy we bought at the
fair looked like!   haha and i know youre gonna call me on
the hat. I just put it on for the picture haha Elder C and
 I bought them together

     We were able to find a new investigator named A.  Now it was cool because since ive been here, ive heard about a family that had a daughter found dead. It was a very ugly story that ill spare you the details of, but i wanted so badly to find that family and be able to maybe give them some comfort by letting them know about the plan of salvation. So we get to this house looking for an investigator and she isnt there but theres this kid there smoking and im like hey do you believe in Jesus Christ and God? And he was like yah. And i was like great, well we talk about that. Do you have any spiritual goals in your life? And he was like not really, i mean i was baptized in the catholic church as a baby and then i had my first communion and...thats it. I dont really know what else there is. And so we invitied him to listen, he accepted, and then when we went back he told us about his sister, and i knew my prayers about finding the family had been answered! We were able to teach him about the plan of salvation and where his sister is! It was soo cool! He accepted a follow up apointment and he promised to pray to know if what we shared was true! He is super awesome. Hes 18 and cant read cause he has to work to help his family and thus had to drop out of school. But i just feel the love of God for him sooo strongly! I wanna help him soo bad! Hopefully everything goes well with him. Ill let you know more later. And thats about it! Things have been great!!

Oh, and Popo exploded

       Sooo the spiritual thought! Alright, the spiritual thought for this week is gonna be short, and it comes from D&C which im studying right now. Its great. But in section 43 it says something awesome. Verse 11 reads: "11 Purge ye out the iniquity which is among you; sanctify yourselves before me;" Thats a direct invitation from the Lord. And i love the way he says it. Purge. The dictionary definition of Purge is - "To rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify" So not just get rid of the iniquity that is among you. But cleanse and purify yoursleves. PURGE the wickedness out of your life, out of your home, out of your family. And remember that it is getting rid of something that is undesireable. God can only help you if you let him. In this new year, i invite you all to make goals and keep them. We have an entire new year to work on purging out the imperfections that we have! So set goals - Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Social goals, and then keep them this year. 

Love you all!
Elder Josh Hamm

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