Monday, April 1, 2013

All aboard that's comin aboard

April 1, 2013

              So I don't really know what's up with the title of the letter for this week but what the heck, it sounded good so i threw it in there.
              This week has been all about work!(surprise surprise) No i'm kidding this week has actually gone by really fast. I can't believe I have already gone 2 weeks here......and also can't believe i still have about 97 more to go! This week has been all about menos activos, or less active families. We don't have too many new investigators at the moment so the thing we have been focusing on is getting the less active members to come to church and feel the spirit. It's been quite the time. Our ward is awesome though. They work hard, they are willing to help out, and they are almost always coming to church ready to lend a hand in a new class or reach out to investigators. Sooo funny story, this week we have been teaching a family with three little kids and we are trying to help them get baptized. The missionaries have been working with this family for about a month now and they are progressing so quickly and are very excited. They have a baptismal date on the 30th of April and so we are trying to get through all the lessons. But we were teaching a lesson about the commandments the other night and we got to commandment number 7: thou shalt not commit adultery. When we began to explain to them how adultery is sexual relations outside of marriage, the mother of the family stops us and asks if that applied to them....we were like ummmm yes. But then she went on to explain how they weren't ever actually married! haha. So now we are working on getting the papers ready and the parents married so we can get them all baptized.
                 The food has been MUCH calmer this week (haha) as is to be expected following last weeks lineup. On a normal day we will have either oatmeal or pb sandwiches or nothing for breakfast, then each day we have a food appointment at 2 o'clock and that is usually pretty normal food (normal being an obviously relative word in this situation): its usually some type of chicken or pig or cow meat with some vegetables and soup...and lots and lots o'beans haha. Then for dinner we usually have some type of pasta we buy at Walmart or pb and jelly or pb sandwiches. So not too diverse but the pb sandwiches are good after a crazy mexican lunch. Much to my dismay the chips here are VERY different. The only types that i have found are the same are pringles and stax. The chips are also VERY VERY expensive along with any other American food you can find but believe me it's worth it when you have mexican food all the timeeee. We are allowed to brush our teeth with the water and rinse/spit the water out....but if you swallow it you will die.  
          Nah i'm kidding but it will make you really sick so we have to boil water for soup and the rest comes from a giant jug of water we buy from the store down the street. We use that for water, ice, cooking when it isn't gonna boil, and anything else that means this liquid is going into our bodies. But it isn't too bad, they have tiendas or stores on every corner in the city, usually 2 or 3 per block selling the exact same things with a little variation, so we just buy a drink there or i carry a water bottle around with me that we fill up at lunch at the members home.
So fun fact, and yes this is a confirmed fact by the locals. There was a study done of the most dangerous places in Mexico and Puebla was second from the bottom. So we were like wow why is is so incredibly safe.....apparently it's because all the family of the drug lords live here and so nobody wants to mess with's pretty logical if you think about it -haha- but yah that was a cool thing to find out. This week we also went to Centro or the central part of Puebla and got to walk around in a cathedral. It was pretty sick. The whole place had a very European feel to it with the buildings and I'm pretty sure it's one of like 7 places in Puebla that have grass and trees. Apparently the volcano had a mini eruption this week too and the people near it had an earthquake type experience. Darned if we know anything about that being from the US -_- They were like do you get those in the US?  I said, come see me in San Francisco haha but it's been fun.

                      Spiritual thought of the week comes from D&C. Now i know what you're thinking and the answer is yes, i did finish the Book of Mormon finallyyyyy, but anyway I'm only into section 6 but i have already noticed a concerning pattern. In 3 of the sections the lord is calling Joseph Smith to repentance....yes, Joseph Smith. And all i can think about when I read this is if Joseph Smith had to be called to repentance and rebuked by the lord how much more do i have issues with that. But the relief comes in verse 10 of section 3. It is right after the lord has rebuked Joseph and told him that he has transgressed. But the scripture reads: But remember, God is merciful, therefore, repent of that which thou has done which is contrary to the commandment which i gave you and thou are still chosen and art again called to the work. The lord doesn't care if we have transgressed, he only wants us to come back and be healed again. Jeffrey R. Holland gave a talk a few sessions ago and said the Lord doesn't care how far away we have strayed at one time or how rough the journey has been as long as we return to him in the end. He wants all of us regardless of our current or past states, and it is no coincidence that in the very next section it talks about the final harvest and the time to repent being now. Turn to the Lord so that he can heal you. You are never too far, you are never too lost, and you are never too deep in the water that the lord cannot reach in and pull you out.

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