Monday, April 29, 2013

News from Josh

Wearing my rain jacket for the first time
 - it worked really well!
April 29, 2013

This stuff is the BOMB here in Mexico!
Sooooooo this week hasn't been terribly exciting since Monday i didn't leave my bed, Tuesday only to go to email, and Wednesday for the food appointment and to go to a district meeting, but one man's boring day is a bunch of family members' excitement for the week....or however that saying goes so here goes nothing.

             I guess we should start on Wednesday night since that's when we actually started doing things haha. So apparently a Grandfather in one of the other wards passed away this Thursday morning- not funny....and then me and Elder P who don't know the family, their name, which hospital, or said hospitals location...were asked to go and visit them.  Soo we get this call at about 6 asking us to go visit a family in the hospital about 20 minutes walking from our house, and the only details we get from the zone leaders are that the grandfather died, his name is riberto....or roberto....or robierto....they didn't know which and that the family asked if we could pass by though we don't know why. But i'm still feeling pretty sick so we tell them we will go in about an hour around 8....but then at 8 our bishopric swings by to talk with us. Sooo we begin the trecherous journey (in the rain) to the mysterious hospital at about 8:30. We get to the hosptial and it is under construction (yay) so we dont have anyyy idea where to go and the map is no longer accurate -haha- so we run upstairs and we find an "Urgency Office" and while we dont think the man is going anywhere anytime soon we ask there and they don't know anything but direct us to the other side of the hospital. Then we get there and find a lady who tells us maybe to check the other building in the basement. Then the other building security guard tells us they don't have a basement....but you cant blame them, we are just asking about a name of someone who passed -- not much to go on. But finally we find a security woman who works in the basement of A building and she tells us she might know of someone. So we are like yessss, and we follow her down a hall.....that is eerily cold, and then through a door....into a very cold room....and then she opens another door and we look in and there are a ton of stretchers inside that hold dead bodies and we are like woahhhh lady!!  Haha, we're missionaries but if he is dead he is dead!  We dont wanna see him. BUT she couldn't find him anyways. So we told the Zone leaders and sorry the story doesn't end well but we to this moment have no idea what happened to the man, and the family had apparently already left....sooo moral of the story.......i serioulsy have nothing for this one, i just thought it was ridiculous, haha, sorry.

The Mexican Military is always just chillin around here
- nobody knows why
              So Friday we woke up and had to go to the immigration offices to get my visa because right now i'm on like a temporary visa thing. So we went to the offices and all is well until they call my name and i go up to the desk and they are only speaking spanish. It was a rude awakening, but it ended up that i understood most of what he was saying and got the instructions and filled out everything alright. But then when i went and sat down Elder P had been talking with the Mission Secretary who is on a Couples Mission and he was like woah, wait did you go by yourself?!? haha and he was like super proud that i could communicate with them. He said usually your comp goes with you so he can translate haha. Friday we also had interchanges which is where you switch companions with another companionship and the junior comp goes to the other persons area and the senior companion stays in his area!! Yayy....except for the fact that the zone leaders decided that i was going to be the ONLY one of the new missoinaries/junior companions to stay in his area. Which means that i have to set up appointments and take the other companion around who doesn't know the area or the it was a bit scary but my comp was one of the zone leaders so at least he could speak spanish. But it went really well. Turns out i know my area really well and i could communicate pretty well with people and overall it was awesome. Our zone leaders are really cool too so that helps - haha.

               So that's about it for this week, but i wanna finish as always with just a quick spiritual thought. This one comes experience this week we have been teaching a man who is thuroughly frustrated. He is having problems with the law of chastity which we all know can be very difficult, but he is also very, very faithful and he wants to serve the lord so badly. During our lesson he was very literally pulling out his hair in frustration. It just reminded me how hard it is to stay focused with an eye single to the glory of God. In Mathew 6:24 we read that you can't serve two masters, and it's so true. This man is feeling torn because he is trying to serve both God and the world. When I was in sunday school one time our teacher made us memorize Joshua 24:15....well she didnt make us but if we did we got a jawbreaker so needless to say i memorized it haha - but it says "choose ye this day whom ye will serve..." We told this man that he needed to decide right now who he wants to serve more, God or this worldly pleasure that is temporary and empty. When we make that decision who we want to serve, every decision after that one will be easier!  If we choose to serve God we may not want to go to church, but we know in serving God that's what we have to do so we do it. When we are tempted to do something we know is wrong, if we have that choice already made to serve God then the choice really isnt a choice. So that is my invitation today, Choose ye THIS DAY whom ye will serve. Not tomorrow, not the next day, and not next week, but Today. And i can promise you that when you do, you will feel a burden lifted and you will then be able to view all future choices with clarity. Choose your side, and fight for it.

People are obsessed withLightning McQueen cars here.

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