Monday, May 27, 2013

The Joys of Learning Another Language

May 26, 2013

Luchadora Masks - I think they  make me look instantly bigger - ha!
Sooo this week is all about learning spanish before you try to speak it haha the week went by pretty slow and there were only a few things that happened that were worth mentioning, so i will proceed to mention them!

Might be my favorite food here - Pombasos
          Sooo first off we went over to visit a member who is going to BYU in a few months and so he is learning English and his English is wayyyy good. So now that he has gotten down the basic language and can totally communicate with people ect., he is moving onto phrases and sayings haha which make me laugh soooo much hahaha he was going over all these phrases with us and they were typical things we say as English speakers that make people who arent fluent soooo confused haha and its wayyy funny. He was asking things like what is: ¨making a mountain out of a mole hill, eaten out of house and home, April showers bring may flowers, and chip on your shoulder. hahah it was fun explaining to him what they meant, and there are some that have funny phrases in spanish to go along with them! haha it was fun.

This is me, eating what I always eat now -- good ole noodles,
and I cut my own hair!  

 Soo ive realized something this week and that is that comedy is pretty much always at someones expense...not in a bad way all the time but pretty much every joke or anything funny comes at someones expense. Sooo with that said the next story i have is going to be the highlight of everyone elses week while it pretty much ruined my day haha that being said i have gotten over it. But anyway heres what it is. So we are at church no Sunday talking to a couple other missionaries from another Ward. One of them is native to Mexico and he loves to say the phrase ¨No Manches¨ (dont worry, you dont have to bleep it out haha) which basicaly means like ¨no way¨.  so its a phrase that i have heard lots and LOTS of missionaries say here and its really funny haha so anyway then we go into a meeting with the Ward mission leader and our bishop and are waiting to start. So Parrish starts saying something ridiculous so im like ¨pshhhhh no manches!¨ nice and loud while nobody else is talking. So all the sudden Parrishs face drops and hes like ¨yo, like you gotta be careful with that word cause...¨ BOOM - cue Ward mission leader: Elder thats like a bad word and you shouldnt say that especially as a missionary cause...¨ BOOM - cue Bishop ¨Elder you really shouldnt say things that you dont know the meaning of.....blah blah blah....i really liked a quote by president....blah blah blah....and that really teaches us that...blah blah blah. So anyway i know you are trying to learn spanish and its hard but.....blah blah blah BBBOOOOOMMMMM haha i got totally chewed outtt!! Apparently this word is a substitute for a very bad word. Sooo its not good for missionaries to be saying in front of bishops haha but yah that was superr embarassing -__- but i guess you live and you learn....slowly.
A Hawaiian themed investigator activity that was awesome
              Anyway so for the spiritual thought today, i found something really cool in 1st Nephi in chapter 16. Nephi is talking about how they had been wandering in the wilderness and they find the liahona which is like super awesome for them cause they have pretty much just been like hey guys...lets walk this way for a while till we are hungry and tired and then we will pitch tents and roll some dice to decide which direction to walk tomorrow! haha soo they get it and they are talking about how they are in the wilderness and how it isnt terribly fun, but then Nephi says in verse 16: ¨And we did follow the directions of the ball, which led us in the more fertile parts of the wilderness.¨ And it really got me thinking. In this life we will all experience times of ¨Wilderness¨ but as we give heed to the Lord, just like they did with the Liahona, he will lead us through the more ¨fertile¨ parts of our trials. NEVER has the Lord said that this life will be easy and that we wont have trials. HE knows that that isnt true and we all have hard times ahead. But the Lord has ALWAYS said that he will guide us through them and as we heed his voice and his guidance, we will be able to make it though the trials and they will be easier than if we had ignored his promptings.

Elder Hamm
 I dont know if you can tell, but this is a pit that is like - no lie - 20 feet deep, and 10 feet across....and a guy in our Ward dug himself....with a shovel....and a Wheel barrow!   haha he is a beastttt!

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