Monday, May 6, 2013

Get out of the wayyy!!

The girls here are sooo hard to keep off sometimes! Im like a missionary!
May 6, 2013

So the letter this week is going to be a little bit shorter becuase we have to go to an appointment tonight and we have been playing basketball and soccer today with a bunch of the elders in the area. But it will be good nonetheless

Before i start i wanna answer all of Dads questions....speed round style.....GO! My area is VERY urban and im trying to enjoy that cause whenever things are hard here, i know things are harder in a worse area of the mission -haha. i have a very nice area compared to others. It isn't exactly a city but it's like one in a lot of ways, lots of stores and houses but not like New York....more like downtown Leesburg. They do NOT have lightning bugs here and the worst pest WE have to deal with would be cockroaches and dogs tryna kill us haha i cant even remember how many times i have hit dogs with rocks cause they were coming after us. But if you get them a good one in the schnowzer they usually get the picture. But P says this house is new and the beds too so we don't have this problem....but in all the other areas, its not uncommon to have bed bugs....ew -haha- but its pretty good yah! Thanks for the questions -haha

So onto the letter and first things first, yes i will talk about the title of this post becasue it is aknowledgeably (not sure if thats a word) strange. So this week we were walking down this road on the way to an appointment and we were on the shoulder of this street in a neighborhood (25 speed limit) and we were walking side by side like good Edlers and a big truck was coming and i was like hmm i should try nott being in the middle of the road and so i tried to step more onto the shoulder but there was a car and we were trying to get around this mirror and this truck coming was haulinggggg like at least 40 miles an hour and im like well....this isnt good haha we were nowhere near the truck but the mirrors stuck out madd far and as it passed by it caught me in the shoulder/nametag/chest area and spun me around haha and i pretty much just took it like a man and it scratched my nametag just a littleeee bit but it was pretty exciting. P was freeeking out haha he was like DID YOU JUST GET HIT BY THAT CAR?!? and then he was like why aren't you crying and dude i cant believe you just took that in the shoulder and kept walking like nothing happened! haha it was fun, although i'm obviously gonna be more careful (dont worry mommy).
Spanish Lifesavers!
The other news is i finally found something that i have found very spicy here in Mexico haha we were at a family's house after a baptism of another ward and they served us what is now my favorite food called posole which is like a soup with chicken and corn puff things. So the family is like hey careful with this salsa cause its spicy....but the thing is every family says that and its never true haha so we put some in our soup and it was delicioussss....but i kid you not i was weeping hahaha elder p was dying too and we were both laughing and crying and blowing our noses and kept eating it haha aparently it was just pure crushed up "chile arbol". It was very good but definitly spicy.

Other than that the week was pretty average! Although i did get left alone in my area with another elder who has the same time on the mission as me and he doesnt speak anyyyy spanish, so that was exciting haha it was like being senior companion to a new guy. Good practice and it went really well. It was cool to be in charge!

Anyway so the spiritual thought of the week comes from the scriptures!! I have been reading in D&C this week and i was reading in section 29. This section by the way is fullll of stuff. It literally touches on like everything and it has a tonn of info on interesting stuff so i would highly reccomend it haha but in section 29 it talks about the fall and satan. In verses 39-45 it talks a lot about how and why we are tempted. It says that we have to be tempted because we have to know the bitter from the sweet, which i have heard before. But then it talks about a couple cool things. It says that Adam didnt fall under the will of satan until after he had sinned. And then it talks about how Satan doesnt have the power to tempt little children!! So what i gather from that....and this is scriptures according to Elder that Satan couldnt really have a very strong grip over Adam and Eve while they were in the garden, because they were like little children not knowing good from evil....but nonetheless they decided to partake of the fruit. I think this was part because of Satan but also part because of their own desires. If they didnt know good from evil they couldnt have been tempted by satan, and it says in verse 40 that only once Adam have transgressed the comandment, that he was subject to the will of Satan. Anyway it was just interesting stuff. But I do want to say that life can be soooo tough, especially on a mission, but its so true that if we didnt know the bitter, we wouldnt be able to know the sweet. I dont think for a second that God wants us to be sad or to feel miserable, in fact thats the exact job of Satan! But i know that with the bad the good seems so much sweeter. Its like lemons and sugar. So the next time you are in a tough time in your life and you feel the taste of that bitter, just know that God is preparing you to taste of the sweet, which will now seem even sweeter. Its hard to look at trials this way in our lives, but if we do i know that we will be blessed, and whats a few bites of bitter every now and again, when we are gonna be having cake for dessert in the end. :)

Birthday party

Love you guys!
Elder Hamm

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