Our 2 assistants that are leaving this change :/
Minute 5 in the hospital
       Okay, so i realize it is 6:45 on a Monday which means we should be back to work, but before you run and tell your stake president, let me explain. So i guess you could say it started yesterday at the food appointment. We had some delicious chicken and rice and beans. It was pretty good. Butttt the problem was that the food didnt really like me back....well it wasnt exactly the food, but we'll get to all that in a minute. So I woke up at 12 oclock last night and well....it wasnt the best time. But it was just getting started. I woke up at 2am in extreme amounts of pain, and then didnt sleep again. I was pretty much getting out of bed every 20 minutes to let my body do awful things to me. Butttt then the best part came when I finally decided that this called for a phone call to President Reeves....at 4:30 in the morning. Asked forgivness for the hour, and then told him what was going on, to which he replied, okay....go to the hospital in Puebla (this would be the part where you dont freak out). So we ask our member neighbor if he can take me in his car at 5 in the morning to the Puebla Hospital, and he agrees! So we pick up the other Elders completing with instructions from President, and we all go to Puebla Hospital....Longest car ride Ever. - and it was only 20 minutes too. 

Minute 20 in the hospital
So Im not fully coherent at this point, and they put me on a bed and start pumping stuff into my blood stream as i try to explain what is going on haha luckily Elder G was there to help tell them....and take rediculous photos of the action (reminded me of Dad on High Adventure). So then I finally allow myself to drift to sleep even though i was still soooo nauseous. But then when I woke up, I felt soooo much betterrrr. Then the doctor came in and started pushing on places on my stomach that kinda hurt, and told me there was a chance I had apendicitis...which helped me feel soooo much worse. Buttt long story short, I stayed in the hosptial pretty much all day so they could make sure it wasnt apendicitis, and in the end it turned out I have a parasite in my stomach along with a stomach infection. But the good news is, they gave me medicine that is going to kill EVERYTHING inside of me, I got to sing some spanish songs to the nurses, and Im already feeling a TON better, which i guess really isnt too hard after going through all that, but yah know looking on the bright side and all that Jazz.
Hour 6 in the Hospital

       So compared to the Hospital story, the rest of the week is going to sound boring, and honestly there wasnt much that happened. Sooo Ill attach some photos of the rest of the week and the Hospital adventure and we'll call it a day with a spiritual thought.

       So we got to have interviews with President this week which was AWESOME as always, and he always asks us if we have any questions for him, and he always has a great answer. So this week, him and I were talking about the good and bad forces in the world pulling people in different directions, and he enlightened me to something that I hadn't thought of before. He talked about how Satan, was punished by God and cast out of Heaven, and so he came to Earth to pervert the ways of the Lord and make us turn our backs on Eternal truths in the name of fitting in, feeling good, etc. So I had kinda already heard that, but then he said, that while Satan is tempting us, and God is allowing him to do that, that there is a power that he brings. And that power tempting us to do bad is sooo powerful!....but second to the even more powerful force that is enticing us to do that which is good! I had never really thought of that! We always focus on temptations of Satan and how strong they can be at times....but God is sending the exact opposite force to help us! He is sending infinitely more strong impulsions which invite us to continue on the path. So idk, i just thought that was something cool for me to think about. And it made me wanna look for those opposing good forces when it seems that im only surrounded by wicked influences! So anyways I hope that helps you this week!

Hey fam! Dont worry about me, Im super good right now, and although God kinda left me out to dry for a while last night, he came through in the end! haha Love you all a ton!

Elder Josh Hamm