Monday, November 11, 2013

The Love of God

Heres a path we walk down a lottt, and a double rainbow!

 Sooo, dont know if you all like repetitiveness or not, but i feel bad every time i say the same instead of saying "well, nothing really happened this week", Im gonna say..."Dude! This week was so uneventful it was almost like being home again!"...but you will all understand what i mean.
       Only question from Dad is about the food appointments. Well, we have them for lunch like i said, but no, unfortunately the husbands dont come home from work, which is kinda wierd considering it is the big meal here. They stay at work and have lunch there i guess, and because of that, there are a ton of times when we cant enter a house cause there isnt a man present and then the hermanas get mad at us cause theyve prepared food, but its a rule so we cant break it, and...yah, just all around fun times. But usually the husbands get home around 7 or 8, although a lot of people here have 24 hour jobs. So they work from 10 at night until 10 the next night and then have a break from 10 at night until 10 the next which time they start over again haha kinda rough, but thats the life to provide for your family.
       Soo seriously, like nothinggg happened this week. Excepttt for the fact that on Sunday, we had an investigator come to church. But it was a biggg deal. She is the wife of a less active in our ward who hasnt been to church in foreverr. We have taught thema few times but we went to teach them this last time on Friday night and she told us she would never go to chruch cause she didnt feel comfortable and her husband is a return missionary and he wouldnt share his testimony with her....but expecting nothing, we showed up to church, and 10 minutes in, she came in....ALONE. And sat down with us....and then followed her 2 kids (also never been to church) (one is 10 and the other 7).....and they brought a friend who lives across the street who isnt a member! I still dont know whyyy they decided to come to church, but miracles exist. 
       So spiritual thought for this week comes from the book Jesus The Christ written by James E. Talmage (one of the few books we are allowed to read as missionaries). If you havent read this book, you need to. It is sooo good, and full of insights and depth that I havent found in any book, not that im an expert, as my parents will attest, I have NOT read a significant amount of books. But this week i was having a really hard time with something that Ive been working on for a long time now. And, as i thought about it, I became angry with God. I felt like he wasnt helping me as much as he should, and that if that was the case, then maybe he thought that I wasnt worth the help....or at least in that area of my life, as i have failed him several times before. But in chapter 3 of this book, i was reading, and it began talking about the infinite and perfect love that God has for his children. It talks about how God has a perfect knowledge of his children, their struggles, and what they would do in given circumstances. And then it says the following which i quote: "Let not ignorance and thoughtlessness lead us into the error of assuming that the Father's foreknowledge as to what would be, under given conditions, determined that such must be. It was not His design that the souls of mankind be lost; on the contrary it was and is His work and glory, "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Nevertheless He saw the evil into which His children would assuredly fall; and with infinite love and mercy did He ordain means of averting the dire effect, provided the transgressor would elect to avail himself thereof." I dont know why, but that just hit me so hard in that moment, and I just started crying. Cause I knew that God loved me, that even when i struggle, even when i fall, he loves me SO much, and Soo much more than I love him. He doesnt care if Im a sinner, or if Im perfect. All he wants, is for me to return to him and be with him forever. I know god loves you and I know it with all my heart. He is watching over you, he worries for you, he is concerned for your eternal welfare, and for your personal happiness. So instead of turning against God, always, ALWAYS remember that he loves you, and THAT will NEVER change.

Hey fam! I love you guys a ton! And i know that God loves you too! Always remember that! I hope you guys are having awesome lives! Stay strong! Have finn!

Elder Josh Hamm
Parrish, Me, and Iñesta at Papa Johns. Ignore the sock on the table...i seriously dont know.

The FEAST we had cause an Hermana gave us money to eat.
Look at me gettin all cute with the pic-stitch

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