Anddd this is a market thats rightttt next to our house 
every Wednesday and Saturday! 
Photos cant really capture the atmosphere and the expanse…
but I tried haha
   Okie Dokie, So im gonna start off answering the questions from my father this week. The High for my day yesterday was that we have been working with 4 investigators who are progressing sooo much....but havent come to chruch. We showed up to the house of one of them (E) expecting to be rejected....and he was dressed up in shirt and tie, slacks, and POLLISHED shoes. My comp and i were grinning like idiots haha I swear. He was like what? And we were just like, dude, you look great haha but thats not all....cause then we showed up to church and the other 3 investigators (A mom and her two twin daughters) were there waiting!! AND after sacrament meeting, 2 young women came up to the twins and invited them to go to class with them and they of course accepted. It was seriously a gift straight from heaven. Very few experiences on the mission can rival the feeling I had when I saw E in his white shirt and tie. The Low for the day would be that after church we walked around looking for references and we couldnt find them, and one of them my comp wrote down wrong, and i was frustrated and I lost my patience with my him, and I didn't yell or anything, but I was just really short and snappy with him, and I felt bad. But then I made some mac and cheese and gave him half and we both felt better haha the end. Most spiritual experience this week was probably at the end of our Zone Conference this week when President pulled me aside to talk to me and gave me some really good advice....but more on that in the spiritual thought at the end! Sorry! haha

Sour Patch Kids from my Grandparents package!
       As for the rest of the week, well Monday I did my first baptismal interview for a 9 year old girl who is getting baptized. She is absolutely adorable, but unfortunately I dont have any pictures because I only did the interview, but trust me, she is a lot of fun. So that went well, and then on Wednesday I gave my first district meeting and we actually combineded with the other district so we had 12 missionaries for my first time haha It went....alright. I feel like when you have heard the same topics like 400 times its hard to make things interesting, but I did my best and I think (or more accurately HOPE) that they got something out of it. Then like I said, we had a Zone Conference this week on Thursday. I was picked (2 days before) to do the musical number and I sang and played Amazing Grace on the guitar....or at least a rendition I made up, and then decided to end with "There is a Green Hill" It was pretty good (I think), and then we ate tacos arrabes and I got to talk with President. OH, and I got a package from my grandparents! I will include photos haha Then the rest of the week was pretty normal, so on to the spiritual thought!

       So as I said, President pulled me aside after the meeting and we were talking about some stuff that I had shared with him about my life, my struggles, and the things I am currently working on. We were talking actually about how Satan makes things seem so appealing. People find that there are things in the church that they dont like, or that make them doubt its truthfulness. The same people then look at the world and all its apparent pleasures and like what they see. Well, President mentioned something that I REALLY liked. I dont even think he realized how awesome this was, but he said "If the grass seems greener on the other side....water your grass!" How awesome is that!? If you are only a member of the church "because", and then you look at the world and it seems so much better, why dont you start by working on your own testimony. I also took it further, and it really depends also on what kind of fertilizer you are using. If you are pouring acid on your grass (rated-R movies, Profane Music, Anti-Mormon Literature, etc.) then you shouldnt be surprised that it isnt as green as the other grasses around you. But if you decide to nourish your grass every day, really take care of it, ONLY then can you say whether the grass is really greener on the other side. I promise you that the greenest grass you will find is right here in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, and if you only put in a little work with trimming and fertalizing, God will send the sunshine and the rain.

Hey fam! Pretty sick metaphor right? haha Presidents a beast. I love you guys a tonn! Tell Bammer and Grandpa that I got their package and was freeking out! haha love you all!

Elder Josh Hamm