Sooo I dont have a ton of time this week! But I will try to write something out really quick. Im gonna save the questions from my Dad for next week (Sorry Dad!) But hey, now he doesnt have to come up with new ones next week haha

       This week was a tough one. Didnt get very many lesons cause almost all of our appointments fell through for one reason or another. Usually cause we dont have a man of age with us and therefore we cant enter the home (sucks) buttttt what can ya do ya know? But, we managed to have a few good lessons with our investigators and if they continue coming to church we are going to have a baptismal service for them on the 16th of February! That would be dopeeee! So hopefully they will continue to progress. On Thursday I woke up at 4 am with unbelievable pain in my head. Yah, that wasnt fun. I think its my 3rd Migraine on the mission, but all I know is that I hope its my last haha and the rest of the week was continually uneventful and NOT a  very enjoyable time sooo lets skip quickly to the spiritual thought!!

       Spiritual thought this week comes from Mosiah Chapter 7. In this chapter in the Book of Mormon, the Nephites (King Mosiah) are wondering what happened to their brethern who left with Zenniff to find the land of their inheritance. Sooo King Mosiah is like hey Ammon, youre a pretty strong and mighty man, how about you take some friends and go try and find what happened to the other guys. So Ammons like yah, I AM strong, AND I know that God will help me, so why not? So Ammons friends turn out to be 16 guys and they are like yo lets go!!! WARNING - The following is a "Hammical Interpretation" of what happened, it is not actual scripture. Sooo they get like into the actual wilderness and one of the guys is like soooo Ammon....where exactly is this land of inheritance? And Ammons like, whelp, I dont actually know so how about somebody show me that map, and theyre like bro, NOBODY has a map. And Ammon is like THAT is a little bit of a day ruiner. This seemed like such a good idea at the time when we left. --RETURN TO SCRIPTURES-- So they get lost....but like REALLY lost. Like, wandering around in the wilderness for 40 days lost...that kinda lost. And in verse 16 it tells us that "in thier labor....they had suffered many things; they had suffered hunger, thirst, and fatigue." So it wasnt the car trip you and your family took across the country that seemed like 40 days. These guys were actually suffering. And it made me think (a dangerous pasttime, I know) But now the spiritual part...I was thinking how unfair that really was. God is all powerfull, and he supposedly blesses those who are righteous, as long as they have righteous desires. But in this story in the scriptures, God allowed for 16 righteous men involved in a righteous cause to SUFFER and WANDER in the wilderness for 40 days! And get this, when they FINALLY get to where theyre going, Im sure they were relieved that they had arrived...and were greeted by the kings gaurds, bound and cast into prison for 2 days. Why is God letting all this happen? Well, I dont really know to be honest. But what I do know is that God knows. He is omnipotent! You think that if he wanted to bless you with a big house, lots of food, tons of clothes, money, toys, etc, that he could do it? Of course. But he doesnt....instead he lets us suffer sometimes, and if that is what his infinite wisdom sees fit, who are we to argue with that? God knows you, he wants the best for you, but he will let you suffer...because he LOVES you. Remember that.

Elder Josh Hamm