Tuesday, June 10, 2014

55 Contacts!!!

Me and My Cactus's....ignore the hair...it was raining.
     Welllll, this week was pretty uneventful. I feel like I always say that, but then again, i feel like its always true haha so Ill go ahead and start with my Dads questions first. 1) Yes, I wear long sleeve shirts. Its super hot most of the time but then at about 5 oclock it starts pouring rain and if i dont have a jacket, sometimes its a little chilly....and i hate carrying a jacket AND an umbrella soo yes. 2) I USED to carry 3 but now i only carry 1 because we were forced to switch to side-bags and you can hardly fit anything in them. 3) Most of the time people here have pictures of the Virgin Mary, or of the Virgin Guadalupe. Sometimes there are pictures of Christ, but more commonly of crosses. 4) I think the biggest difference between a successful missionary and the rest doesnt have to do with how obedient they are (not that that isnt veryyy important). But the biggest difference between the two is really the dedication. If you really give your all to God and work your hardest, you will be successful on the mission.

       Sooo like i said, this was a pretty bland week. The highlights would be this. In the district meeting we had, we were talking about some of the problems we have been having in our areas and we set a goal to get 50 contacts for each companionship this week! 50! And everyone was kinda nervous about it at first but we finally all got excited about the idea and in the end everyone was ready to work towards the goal. Soo....we worked on it....and on Saturday, we only had 23 contacts -_- sooo we were gonna need 27 more all in one day! I didn't want to be the district leader who sets a goal and then doesnt accomplish it! So I made a plan with my comp and although he was reluctant to say the least, we finally agreed. So Sunday we woke up at 6 am so we could shower and eat and then be down at the church at 8 oclock (one hour before the services) and we stood outside the church and contacted EVERY SINGLE PERSON who passed by and invited them to the servieces at 9 oclock and took down their adresses. We also called a few of the RMs in our ward to help us contact, while my comp and another member went and picked up our investigators in a car. At the end of that hour...we had 32 contacts. It was such a cool experience, cause a tonnn of the people had already heard the missionaries, and others had been always wanting to talk with us. It just took us opening our mouths to EVERYONE we talked to to find those people, and thats exactly what we are promised by the Lord. It was a cool experience. But that is literally it from the week haha

       Soooo the spiritual thought this week comes from a talk given by Elder Deiter F. Uchtdorf called "Grateful In Any Circumstances". Im not going to give much of a summary cause I am out of time. But i would encourage you all to go watch it. It talks about how we can truly be happy, even when we are faced wtih challenges and hardships in this life. Its really good, so go watch it!


Elder Josh Hamm

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