Seriously though. Am I the ONLY ONE here who gets sickkk of starting off the emails in the same way? I mean seriously, "Sooo this week..." is seriously getting ridiculous. I open up an email tab to one of my friends and my muscle memory is so strong that I just type "Sooo this week" In EVERY EMAIL! I dont even try to erase it anymore, I just leave it and then at the end i go back and delete it. Ugh. Sorry, that turned into a lot more than i planned, but hey, at least this email started off differently.
       Sooo this week......
Well, I guess Ill start with the questions from my dad! 1) The thing I remember most about Trek was trying to sleep outside the tent cause Im a gentleman and was the only MAN who would do it....and getting rained on so bad that my plastic sheet under me (normally used to protect one from unwanted moisture) had kindly converted itself into a concave shape thus creating for me a small pool to sleep in. 2) My favorite thing about Trek would probably be how we were put into groups of people we didnt know, and sometimes (like in my case) maybe didnt like at the moment, but how over time we grew really close and made strong friendships as we converted into a real "family". In the end we were wanting to help eachother out in any way we could! 3) They DONT have early morning seminary. Instead they have seminary at a normal time during the day after school gets out and I have only been ONCE when i was in the little Branch of Chilac. 4) Summer break here is wierd. I think they are on Year-Round school cause it seems at least to me, that they are NEVER in school. So yah, its all year, and they have a few weeks break right now for summer. 5) Yes, they celebrate fathers day here. Yesterday the center was PACKED with people celebrating it haha 6) Anddd something they use here in the kitchen that would seem wierd to people in the US....2 things....a special flat piece of metal they put on the stove to heat up tortillas....and a 

Well, Monday went by alright. Tuesday we had the leadership training meeting in Puebla. It was pretty good. It was the LAST leadership capaciation we are going to have with President Reeves so it lasted from 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon! It was crazyyy long! But it was also really instructive. He gave us a tonnn of instruction on new rules and old rules in hopes that when the new mission president gets here in like a week, the mission will be running smoothly and strictly. So that was good. He said goodbye to each of us personally at the end as it will be the last time those who dont have changes will see him. I also took the opportunity to take a picture with him and Sister Reeves as its FOR SURE the last time I will have the chance to do that! Then the rest of the week was pretty slow. Mostly because of the world cup. If you are wondering (and Im PRETTTTYYYY sure you are) Yes, yes the people here watch it almost religiously. So on Thursday it started and everyone was watching the game. Seriously, we were walking down the street and EVERY house and store, or little food stand had it on. We didnt enter in anywhere, but i didnt miss more than 5 words that the comentator was saying the whole time we were walking haha that crazy. Then the Mexico vs Camerun game was on and so NOBODY was willing to talk to us. They actually put up 2 huge tvs in the center of the city and there were like 150+ people there watching it. Then the rest of the week was also pretty hard since there are 3 games a day and people are always watching them. But oh well. It ended up okay in the end.

       Alright well the spiritual though this week comes from the bible dictionary which actually might be one of the sickest things about the scriptures. There is sooo much cool knowledge in there! I highly advise checking it out. Butttt this week i was reading about Satan. They say you gotta keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, so i decided to take a peek. It was awesome. It says a few things about Satan: "Latter-Day revelation confirms that the Devil is a reality and that his desire is to make all men miserable like unto himself." "One of the major techniques of the devil is to cause human beings to think that they are following God's ways when in reality they are decieved by the Devil to follow other paths." "It also says that he can work miracles and appear as an angel of light so as to decieve people." So thats a lot of pretty scary stuff right? haha But, not to worry, because in the very end it gives us a way to escape these things. It says: "Protection against the adversary is through obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ and living according to his teachings." That simple!! All you have to do is be obedient and even though Satan has allll that power, God has given us even more power when we are obedient and allow him to bless us! So strive to be obedient so that we can have that protection from the onslaught of Satan and his angels!

Elder Josh Hamm