Monday, July 21, 2014

Adios Jake!!!

This is a picture of my district right now! 
      Sooo the big news this week is that my brother is entering the MTC on Saturday!! WAAAAHHHHH!!!! Hes gonna be a dope missionary! But its tough saying goodbye for 2 more years. Oh Well, thats life haha But anyway, big shout-out to him. LOVE YOU BRO!

       Well, these are my dads questions this week: 1) The first thing i hear when i get up in the my alarm clock....ha...ha...ha....okay, but for real, the first thing i usually hear is the that the neighbors boiler is turned on. It makes this loud fiery sound and im like well, time to turn on ours. 2) People here normaly eat like a torta (a sandwhich type thing) and atole (kinda like muddy hot chocolate) for breakfast. I dont think almost anyone eats cold cereal haha but maybe a few people. and 3) Yes, people drink milk.....but its normally out of a box. Like they sell the milk in boxes on a shelf....yes....not refrigerated. And then these people expect me to like it! haha its not bad, but i definitely prefer real milk.

...more of the Festivities!  haha
       Soo this week was pretty good! We didnt get that family with the panadaria to come to church, but 2 other families came and brought people who have never come! Then we also were able to get the details worked out for a less active and her investigator husband to get married!!! Ive been working sooo hard with them the whole time ive been here in Atlixco to try and get them married! They didnt have money and then we found a way to get them married free, and then we were working on all the rest and finally they are more than ready to take this step in thier life! They are so happy to be finally living the law of chastity after their marriage and then have their baby in October be born into a marriage in the church! IM SOOO HAPPY!!! So hopefully this week they will get married and this Saturday or the next, the husband will be baptized! Then we also got to celebrate my comp hitting 6 months on the mission and the comp of Elder N hitting a year on the mission! So we had some...festivities haha youll see the pictures. Anndddd the rest of the week was pretty boring, but we were able to get a few new investigators who i will talk more about next week! Sooo onto the spiritual thought!

       The spiritual thought this week comes with an experience I had last night. Its pretty personal, but i felt like I should share it with you all. So as many of you know, my younger brother Jake will be entering the MTC this week and then will be headed out to the Juiz De Fora, Brazil mission. So that means that today, Monday, will be the last time i write him before he goes into the MTC and starts his mission. As i was lying awake trying to think of how i was going to give him all of information i thought he should have before he starts the mission, and i was a little overwhelmed. But in the midst of the turmoil, I had the distinct impression to kneel down and say a prayer. I knelt down and poured my heart out to God telling him about all the things i was worried about, and He just listened. Then when i laid down again, a distinct feeling of calm came over me and I began to think of all the blessings that i have received from serving a mission. I realized that I was being greedy by worrying about what it might be like for my brother cause how could i be worried when God has given me such great experiences to build my testimony and strengthen my relationship with Him! Then I had a clear realization that God has a plan for me, for my brother, and for everyone in this life. And i wanted to share that with everyone because I can testify to you that I KNOW that God has a plan for everyone in this life. He has seen all the things that are going to happen, He knows what we need and He wants to help us every step of the way. So put your trust in God. He knows you, He loves you, and more importantly He knows whats best for you.

Elder Josh Hamm
This is a wierd fruit here that they eat.  Its called Jinicuil.  You eat the cotton like fluffy outside and then the pits you throw away. Its pretty delicious!

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