Tuesday, July 1, 2014

He Who Can Do All Things

Me and My New Companion, Elder P!
     Well, as you all know this week was changes week! So more on that in a moment. First my Dads questions! 1) Mexicans make their own piñatas....AND they buy them. Like people make them and then sell them in front of their houses. So people here buy them from those people and 2) PUT in them lots of mexican candy. Its usually a fruity candy with chilie powder on it and usually lime haha and 3) Most of the people get around by combi. They use a lot of bikes too, but only to go short distances. The public transportation here is pretty great.

Me and Presidente De La Rosa
       Soooo we have officially had changes my friends. I am staying here in Independencia 2 in Atlixco and my new comp is a greatt guy. His name is Elder Parraga and he is from Colombia. We are getting along great, and will be getting along even better when the world cup is over and he stops telling me that Colombia is better than the United States and might win the whole thing. pshhhhhhh. haha But seriously we are doing awesome in the area right now and things are great! At the changes meeting some crazy things happened. Elder Allred, Dougherty, Kitchen, and Buendia all got moved down to Junior Companions on a special assignment so that they can help train future leaders before they leave....which is all great and what-not, except for the fact that now I will not be seeing them AT ALL until changes....and if i dont have changes....well, lets not think about that. Buttt the point is we took pictures just in case so ill post those here too, along with the pictures i took with the mission secretary Presidente De La Rosa. He is sooo awesome. Im gonna miss him and his wife a lot. Also, on Thursday this week President Stellmon arrived and President Reeves is officially gone. We havent heard anything from him or met him yet, buttt we are gonna have Zone Conferences this week and will get to see him. 

The remaining Bros in the mission!   A lady in our ward made me the tie I'm wearing.  
It's crocheted by hand!
       As for the rest of the week, well me and my companion have been working very hard. We were able to go out and teach a lot of new investigators and we brought members along too which was great!! We caught a few minutes of a VERY sad US game and that was a heartbreaker. I got a ton of new people in my district so we are working on getting to know eachother, but so far everything is working out great. ANDD I experienced a miracle yesterday which I am going to incorporate as my spiritual thought.

       Sooo its the end of the month and on Saturday me and my companion spent the last of our money on some bread for a dinner. So come Sunday me and my companion had literally NO money and NO food in the house whatsoever. But we went to church and then the food appointment was at 1 oclock leaving us 7 hours without food before we could sleep. So we go out and worked and there was literally NOBODY home man. Seirously we must have had 10 appointments fall through in a row. So we are super hungry and we have no work and this is turning into one of those TERRIBLE days that you have on the mission. So finally the time comes to go home. Now Im thinking at this moment how awful the situation is and how its unfair cause i DO have a debit card where i could go buy some dominos pizza right next to the house....but I know that it is the Sabbath and that I have to keep it holy. So as we are walking home Im thinking that maybe we should pray cause we are both really hungry and it reminded me of the story in 17 Miracles where the woman puts 2 biscuits and water in a pot and it makes a huge cake to feed her family...but Im like no, i really dont have the faith necessary for that kind of a miracle (sad but true). Arriving home we plan and are getting ready for numbers when out of habit I walk into the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen, the first thing I saw was a blue bag sitting in a bowl on the table. I asked my comp if it was his and he told me no....but I had definitely NEVER seen it before and had put that bowl there like 2 days ago. So I open the bag and inside is instant pancake mix. The ONLY thing we have in the house is water which is exactly what it needs. So we made pancakes and ate them plain, and were filled. I seriously cant express the overwhelming gratitude that filled my heart when i opened that bag. To think that God, an omnipotent being, was SO mindful of me as to help me in the weakness of my faith, and provide food for me and my hungry companion, was something I will never forget. I KNOW that God is mindful of us and that he wants to help us. He is our literal Father in Heaven and we are his children and because of that it hurts him to see us suffer; But it hurts him more to see us refrain from calling on him in our suffering. He is waiting for each and every one of us to fall into his arms and accept his help in our lives. I encourage all of you reading this to trust in him. Trust that his love is endless and unfathomable. Trust that he knows you personally and wants the best for you. And Trust that he can aliviate your suffering, if you only call on the one who can do all things. Of these things I do not doubt. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Josh Hamm

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