Monday, August 11, 2014

Elder Josh "The Statue" Hamm

Burn Baby Burn
       Alright, well Id love to start off this email with some great enthusiasm....buttt this week has been pretty rough, and the worst part is that the work was great! Yes, that made sense. The work was great this week, but the week kinda sucked, cause all my close friends from the mission are home partying...while im here on the mission. Not that i dont like being on the mission. Ive decided that I would rather be on the msission than home with them right now, cause i wanna finish the mission with honor and serve FULL TIME. However, its a very different mission now. I have 2 young leaders who are above me and while I realize that time doesnt signify anything in terms of knowledge, they continue to call me with questions about things that they dont know. Sigh, God really knows how to test me haha come to find out that humility is not my strongest virtue. So thats the honest truth about whats going on here, but like i said, the works going well, so dont feel TOOOO bad for me ;) 

       Sooo im gonna go ahead and change things up! We are gonna start this email by answering my dads questions!! (I really hope you noted the sarcasm in that). Okay:  #1) They do NOT have a tonn of American Restaurants here...however in the very center of Puebla, they do have Krispy Kreme and Chiles and a Carls Jr. Buttt they really dont have too many of the American restaurants unless they are chains, and even then in very few places. And the menus are a little different yes. They add in some things here that are more typical, and of course everything has been changes to spanish names. Sooo theres no ordering a "Angry Whopper" from burger king. Its called the "Whopper Furiosa" #2) Besides the fact that its in spanish, some of the major differences in the Sacrament meetings in the US and here are: 1- Sometimes (qutie often) there is no piano player, so the songs are sung accopella.....which is NOT the best idea for a large group of mexican saints. jussayin 2- Its normal for people to get up and go talk to the bishop or someone on the stand mulitiple times during the meeting if they have a question about something. Even simple. 3- The water has to be served from bottles of water bought and used to fill the cups. and 4- The bread is sometimes from Panaderias (bakerys) and every once in a while it is the most delicious sweet bread ever. So its pretty different.

       Well, this week we worked really hard and it showed. We were able to FINALLY get 2 of our new investigators to come to church and they enjoyed the experience and the members are finally working with us more and were able to welcome them a little bit more and visit them with us. It was greattt. Then we were able to pick up 2 new investigators! 

Their story is actually pretty cool:
       Ive been working hard for 2 changes to reactivate this family here in the area and they finally started coming to church last change. They are doing awesome now, but their son (A) and his wife had never accepted my invitations to listen to our message. So 2 Sundays ago, the family brought the wife (M) to church and blessed their new born baby. Their baby was doing well, but he had a developing skin problem on his face and the doctors couldnt figure out how to fix it. His skin was really dry and had sore red bumps on it and sometimes he would be scratching them and open up the sores. So the dad of the family suggested that they have the baby presented and blessed in sacrament meeting. So they did, and the next Sunday the Dad came up to us with the baby and told us that his son and his wife wanted to be baptized. He told us that after the baby blessing they went home and then went to bed. When they woke up the next morning the skin on the babys face was completely healed. The wife (who has grown up catholic all her life) was sooo interested in learning about the priesthood that had cured her baby. It was a greatttt lesson and she was deeply touched by the spirit. It was awesome. 
        Soo yah, that happened. And then we also were able to teach the non-member mother of a missionary who left the same time that I did! None of his family are members except for him and they were VERY against him going on a mission. But he left anyway and now has 18 months on the mission. WE met them a few weeks ago with a member and they still arent ready to join the church. But I made them a promise that we would teach only from the Bible, because the Mom is taking classes about studying the bible. The first lesson went great and she was crying talking about how hard it was to let her son go not knowing if what he was doing was right. But at the end of the lesson she invited us to come by and talk with her anytime. Oh, and i was also able to burn my pants for my 18th month mark this week with 3 other guys from my generation. It was pretty cool. 

       Soo thats about it for this week. Sorry its so long, but there really isnt anything to do on Pdays anymore. I feel like it was a pretty spiritual email, so im gonna go ahead and save the spiritual thought for next week!

Elder Josh Hamm

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