Oh, and it rained.....alot
   Hey guys! Well the big news this week is that this is gonna be a farely short email cause i have to go and tour the mission today. On Wednesday Elder A, Elder D, Elder K, and Elder B all go home man! It sucks a little bit....but they are all pretty excited about it haha but the point is they are all going to visit their converts around the mission and so im gonna go with them so we can be 2 companionships and then tonight they are all gonna be spending their last night in the mission at our house. Sleep will be used only under extreme and fatal circumstances. Buttt the point is, i figured id at least let you all know whats going on!

       The questions from my Dad this week were the following - 1) The news down here is pretty much the same as anywhere else apart from the fact that there is really no censure. Like there are usually pretty gruesome images out in the open in newspapers or on the tv. Wierd stuff. 2) Almost EVERYONE has a television. Like even the most poor of people living in a small house in the most humble circumstances have a small old television. 3) The thing they watch the most are things called Novelas which are spanish soap operas. And yes, EVERY time I see part of one on in someones house i think of that one episode of Psych. They are THAT bad, no joke haha and they watch them alll the time. 4) The radio has a mix. They can sometimes play a lott of American pop music, but for the most part, their favorite kind of music here is called "Banda" which is something you can look up and watch if you have the sudden desire to bleed from your ears. (personal opinion)

My Chinche-Inspired Swaggg
      Soo this week was pretty good. First off, I have chinches (bed bugs) AGAIN! I literally have 45 bites all over my body and they itch soooo bad man. After i figured out we had them, it was a little late haha butttt i called the fumigator guy and he came like 3 days later. Sooo i was sleeping in a special outfit for a few days. Ill put a picture in here haha but the good thing is that they are gone now. HATE those things man. Andddd second off I DONT have changes, which makes me pretty happy. I really wanted just ONE more change in this area with my companion and I got it! We have like 5 prospects for baptism that we have worked sooo hard to find and now i will get to see them make that covenant with God! So im pretty excited. On Wednesday we had a GREAT lesson with a current investigator (P) and her Mom (M). The Mom had never listened to us before but we invited her to hear the message we have been teaching her daughter. We shared about the Restoration and then at the end I invited her to pray. She was reluctant because she had never prayed before, but i told her that I would offer a short prayer first, and then she could offer one. She agreed and in the middle of her prayer she just started crying, praying for her family and for her life and all the struggles she was having. It was soo spiritual. I have to say, my FAVORITE part of the mission would have to be helping people pray for the first time. Its like introducing them to the most loving person they have never met! Its great to see our Heavenly Father reach out to them in love, even the FIRST time they try to communicate with him. Then we FINALLY got all the details worked out with the city and the couple we have been trying to marry are going to be Wed on Thursday if all goes well, and then Saturday should be the husbands baptism. Its gonna be great. Its so cool to see people change so much when they hear the message of the gospel.

       And finally, my spiritual thought this week really comes from the experience i had with M our investigator this week. I dont know how many people read this blog, or from how many backgrounds you are, but i can promise you something without doubt, and without regard to skin color, nationality, or religion. You have a loving Heavenly Father. He cares about you, He worries about you, And like any loving parent, He wants to hear from you. It is never too late to start building that relationship with Him. Get down on your knees and tell Him EVERYTHING. Tell Him about all the sadness you are feeling, about the joy you are experiencing, or ask Him for additional strength and help through an especially hard time in your life. He will hear you and He will answer you with an overwhelming feeling of love. When you pray, Someone is listening. Of that I promise you.