Monday, November 3, 2014

Dia de Los Muertos

Anndd this is a big tribute they set up here in the center part of Izucar!
 It was pretty awesomeee!
Alright, well we allll know it cant go on forever with all these crazy event-filled weeks. BUTTT nevertheless, this week was pretty good. Soo we will start off with my Dads questions. (suprise suprise surprise)

       1) We really (sadly) havent done anything fun for Pday lately. Its actually been pretttttyyy depressing haha just cause we have been sooo busy during the week. 2) Usually for dinner i eat ham on tortillas with mayo and mustard haha its pretty good actually. I toast it in a pan. 3) Im not sure i understand the question hahaha which superhero would be the best to send to your misison? Id say Flash.....cause hes an outgoing guy and the problem with the Elders right now is that nobody wants to open their mouth and talk to the people -__- its notttt hard guys haha seroiusly 4) Yes, they have daylight savings time but it was last Saturday AFTER the i ended up loosing more sleep than i gained haha oh well. 
These are the crosses made of flowers that they put in front
 of their doors here to welcome in the dead. the trail leads
to their offering to them

       Well as for the rest of the week, well it was pretty normal. I mean, we got to teach a few people, help a few people, but all in all, nothing really exciting happened ya know? haha but its alright. However there were a few highlights. First off, it was day of the dead here and Halloween. So me and Elder P went to the middle of the town in this park and handed out candy to the little kids. They were adorableeee! haha seriously it was greatttt. And they were soo happy to get candy! We also got to contact some poeple which was nice. And we took pictures in front of the displays that they had set up here too! So it was a good time. Another highlight: We have a investigator who is struggling with an addiction to Marijuana and right now he has like 5 days without smoking....its the most he has had since he was like 13 or something crazy like that. Its going well. 

      Another highlight: We had a lady come up to the other Elders the other day while they were walking and talk to them about the church. She said her daughter had gone to the concert we had and had loved it. She said that her daughter came home sooo excited to learn more about the gospel because she had heard the song I played at the very end about a boy who was confused about which church to join so he prayed...of course the last song I played was Joseph Smiths First Prayer. She said she wants to go to church and the Elders are going to be teaching her AND her mom. So that was awesomee. 

These are the offering type things they build. They usually have the favorite
 food of the dead family member along with anything else they liked
and a picture of them at the top.  Some people really believe the dead
come and enjoy the food...

And the last bit of good news is that we started a new thing my companion and I where we contact only youth in the street. What we have been figuring out here on the mission is that the parents here are usually pretty....close minded since they have gown up in a different church which was also the church of their grandparents and great grandparents. But the kids are open to listen, and we know that with just one lesson, they can feel that spirit and want to join the chruch. On Friday we contacted 5 youth and 4 of them accepted follow up appointments, and were legitimately interested haha those ratios are greattt. So that was good. But yah, it was a pretty good, pretty slow week! So now for the spiritual thought!

       Whelp, the spiritual thought this week comes from our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. Ive just been thinking alot about it since its been on the minds of everyone here as they give respects and offerings to their dead. I really just wanna say that I know that God didnt intend for us to have a short life experience and then not ever live again. I know that Christ died for us, but that he lived again and becuase he was ressurrected, we too will have the chance to see our loved ones that have left this life. I know that families are eternal and that if we live faithfully, we will be able to be with them again. I know it.
Elder Josh Hamm

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