Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The World

The massive hamburger that was once upon a time inside of me haha
 Oooohhhhh man. You would NOT believe the flojera (laziness?..i think?) that i get when thinking about writing these emails sometimes haha Butttttt ive come this far haha i cant go back now. Soooo with that being said, im gonna start off this email in what has now become "Classic" dads questions:

       1) We live in an apartment complex and here in Mexico i have realized that its very very rare for someone to know their neighbors. People just dont really talk to each other very much! Buttt we live down the hall from the owner who comes to get the rent haha and his wife who we only say hi to! 2) Something nice that i did for someone this week.....welllll... 3) Something im grateful.....nahhh im just kidding haha something nice i did for someone this week would have to be help the old ladies get their heavy things off of a combi....lame i know but thats all i can think of :/ 3) This week i was really grateful for being worthy of the spirit. Its really not a feeling im used to, and unfortunately not one that i have nearly enough, but this week i felt it when I sincerely prayed for God to help me touch at least someone with the spirit when i was giving the sacrament talk (that they asked to give me 20 minutes into the services haha) I got the distinct impression to share about repentance, and then while looking for a good scripture, i felt even more strongly impressed to talk about trials, So i did and it went really really well. I had several people come up to me and share personal stories about how thats exactly what they needed to hear. It was great, and im grateful. AND 4) YES. There are actually several words that we have in spanish that can describe things better than any word in English. Honestly i cant think of them right now haha but they exist....i guess the only one i can think of would be the word guakala (pronounced Wakala) which is like the word gross but so much better haha

       Welllllllllllllllllll hate to be THAT guy....but this week was pretty unventful haha although, there were a few things. #1 - We have these 2 new investigators (a mom and her daughter) who are literally GOLDEN. Like who KNOWS how long God has been preparing them. So this week we go over to their house to visit them, and they arent there. So we go try to visit 4 other people.....FOUR haha and none of them are there -___- so we decide to go check this other reference, and while we are on the way our ward mission leader says "hey look, the lights are on now in their house!" (meaning the house of the mom and daughter) So we go over and sure enough the Mom is there and long story short she takes us with her sister whos having problems and now we are teaching her sister and her 4 kids too!! Its pretty great haha so that was awesome. They are also really receptive. andddd id say the only other really noteworthy thing this week would be that we had the council for the Zone Leaders and we got to stay with Elder N and the other secretarys. We went to a sickk food place haha and i attempted to finish a massive was less than successfull, but more than 3 quarters sooooo im countin that as a win. haha but it was delicious.

       Alright, well that brings us to the spiritual thought which this week comes from....well me. (and thats why its not that great haha sorry). This week i have been thinking about how tough this life is a lot of the time especially for youth in the church. Like seriously, the World is soooo different from the gospel and what it teaches, and yet the world is pretty much everyone else. And "Everyone else" Is a lotttt of people people. Like for real....were talking billions. And with all of those people at school and work and all over the place telling us that what we are doing as chuch members isnt "cool", it can be a little more than a little hard to stay faithful! Not to mention how attractive it looks to the eyes! But the way i like to think about it....and this is nott doctrine, just life according to that although there are sooo many people here on Earth telling us that this is whats cool....there has to be like even more billions of people who have died and are now in the spirit world looking down like "yo.....i definitely shoulda been more about that LDS life than i was, cause now im here and im super sad casue of what i did to be cool....and that happiness on Earth sure seemed great at the time...but now im kinda regreting that....cause spirit prison aint so cool as that paradise place over there.....dang." Sooooo take my advice, or leave my advice, but as hard as this life may seem being LDS and having different morals, there will be a day when you will rejoice and the world will mourn....and thats when you'll really stick it to 'em ;) haha erghh...i them repent haha cant put it any better than Christ guys - "In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." Amen to that.

Elder Josh Hamm

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