Monday, July 22, 2013

All Good Things Must Come To An End

July 22, 2013

So this is me on the swingset that Elder P and I found!
First things first, ALL good things must come to an END :( With that being said, the changes are in and Elder P.
Elder P's drivers license - you should
find someway to put this on the blog. haha
 is leaving Loma Bella. An Elder in our district with 11 months will be the new district leader, which means my new comp will be Senior Comp, nada mas (nothing more). So thats pretty sad, and i had prepared an obituary to put in but to sum things up, Elder P. has been the best comp a guy could ask for, obedienct, fun, kind, and a hard worker. He will most profoundly be remembered by his drivers license with the photo of him before the mission. #Thuglife #Immamissthatguy

Sooo to start off, I will answer a few legitimate questions that my parents had... First off, YES we get mosquito bites. This place has more mosquitos than i have ever seen in one place, and thats not a joke. Im talking about like big black masses huddled in corners all made up of mosquitos. Soooo we dont open our doors and we have gotten VERY good at killing them. I think i commited mosquito genecide in my kitchen the other night. Kill Count: 34 And thats a lot considering its one by one with my hands haha Also we dont really have to run from dogs, in some pueblos they do but here if the dogs start coming at you, you have a backpack which you use as a shield and they usually get scared, but one of these days they are gonna keep coming and im gonna have to break some poor dogs ribcage....oh well. 

Sooo other exciting news....hmmm well....hmmm....well nothing really happened this week actually! We taught a few lessons, asked for references from some members, and had a few family home evenings with some people. Although, i did get to eat at Little Ceasars this week cause a member gave us money for food. Andddd we got to eat at a members restaurant where they make BOMB hotdogs and hamburgers. They come with a TONNN on them haha like a hot dog with ketchup, mustard, pineapple, carrots, chilies, tomatoes, onions, and cheese. Its soooo good haha Elder Parrish and I were also looking for a reference out in the very corner of our area and we never found them....but we did stumble upon a sick park wtih a teeter totter and some sketchy swings with a cool view! We may or may not have spent about 30 minutes playing on the teeter totter trying to ballance out our weight so it was exactly even haha And then on Saturday night we went ot the bishops house and helped make and eat tamales. They were habanero tamales and they were really good! Butttt im just not a huge tamale guy. haha but thats about it I think! Nothing too terribly exciting.

Sooo spiritual thought this week comes partially from my Father. This week he was talking about the story of David and how one little decision that David made when he looked out and saw Bathsheba (not even gonna try and spell that) caused a huge domino effect that eventually led him having a righteous man murdered. I liked that a lot and i was thinking about that a lot this week already. We have a family in our ward who is going through a tough time right now and we have been trying to visit them as much as we can. The parents seperated a few days ago and I was thinking back on why it all happened when just a few months ago, they were active and even helping us teach an investigating family. Im sure they didnt wake up one day and say "wow, i really want to seperate." But slowly over time the decisions that they made wore away at them and now they are so far away from where they used to be. To add to this, in Jacob 5 we read about the master and the vineyard. I have always loved verse 41: "And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard wept, and said unto the servant: What could I have done more for my vineyard?" Sometimes in life, we do all we can, and things still dont turn out the way we plan. Sometimes, we try our best, and through our blood, sweat, and tears, we still end up short and things dont work out. But just as the master of the vineyard, some things are just out of our hands. After all we do, there is still free agency and that will always have the final say. So if you are a parent with struggling children or just a person with a problem, know that sometimes, all we have is not enough, and it can hurt enough to weep. But in the face of uncertainty, know that when life takes an unexpected turn, God is driving.

Cantaloupe Jello
Cantaloupe Juice!!!  Dad Im trying to work on
 getting the recipie but so far its all,
 well a handful of, sprinkle of, dash of haha
Thanks for all the love fam! Know i pray for you guys all the time! Hope things are going well, glad to hear you are all happy and healthy!! Stay safe!

Elder Hamm

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