Monday, July 15, 2013

The Things I Do To Open A Door (smh)

 July 15, 2013

So a lotttt happened this week actually! And just like any good round of Kharma would have it, today i have less time than ever because i have to go pick up some retainers at the orthodontist in time to get back and have a family night with a member and some investigators! But i will do my best to sum up!

           So we got to have 2 family home evenings this week with 3 different families! It was super fun and they went really well. We got a bunch of less active members to get more excited about the gospel again and we also got 3 new investigators from a family we had with us! So that was really fun and its an easy way to introduce people to the gospel! They have fun with the games and if you tie it into a spiritual lesson they are always willing to hear. So thats a suggestion for any of you trying to share the gospel with your friends.

           So cool story this week was that Elder P. and I got on a bus to go home last night and a man got on the bus and started to talk. This happens a lot here in Mexico, cause people come on and rap or sing or are clowns ect. trying to get money. So this guy had a pretty common story about how he had to pay for his childs medical bills, so i was getting out a few pesos. All the sudden, the thought entered my mind to give him a pass along card. I though that might be kindof insulting or something so i kindof brushed it off and then it came back to me again. So i got out my bag and got out a pass along card and some money. Then the man was walking by and Parrish saw the pass along card and said "ummm okay." and we handed the man the pass along card with our phone number and some money. So not until late late that night did Elder P. bring it up. He said that as the man was talking he felt like he should give him a pass along card, but then he brushed it off because he would have to get into his bag and it was too late anyways, and then he looked over and i had a pass along card out and he was like "ummm okay." He said he didnt wanna expalin it all right there on the bus but that was clearly the spirit talking because neither he, nor i, had ever had that impression before. It was a really cool experience and one that i hope has a follow up story.

Something I drew in my Agenda.  It's from the scripture
in 3 Nephi 10:6!
           So the spiritual thought from this week is longgg haha and it comes from  interchanges with the zone leaders. This week we had interchanges and I stayed in our area with Elder E. (who is going home in a week) and everything went really well......until we got back to our house at 9:30. So we get to the house and OF COURSE I cant find the keys -__- Im just gonna prep this by saying that i promise you this NEVER happens. So we have a spare key that we strategically hid so i climb the neighbors fence to get up onto our roof, walk over the top and hop down into the little patio space we have at the back. So here's a REALLY great idea for any of you who want to hide a key. If you want some place really secure, whats more secure than a house right?! So we thought it would be clever to tape a key on the wall right inside the window of our bathroom. Please refrain from the angry emails, i realize we arent the brightest crayons in the box, but what can i say, It seemed like a good idea at the time. So of course we alwayssss leave the window a little open but the Mexican food had done terrible things to our bathroom this particular morning so we had opened and then closed the window. Joy. So I find this little nugget of good news and instantly begin to pray aloud that we will be able to enter the house. Then i climb (in a very dejected manner) over the house to tell Elder E. So Im like no, i refuse to let this happen. So i start trying to do some things with our front door and i got nothing. Then i feel around and our garage door can also slide open, like the whole thing. So im trying to reach around the door through a reallly small crack to grab the lever, and i can feel the thing but i cant pull it up. So i remove my shoe lace and my belt and tie them together but it isnt long enough. So i take off my other shoe lace and tie it to the other shoe lace and then tie it to the belt. Then i take the shoe lace and tie it to a hole in the lever (who knows how, it took like 10 minutes) and then loop it up through the top window of the garage and pull. BOOM theres a give and a sound and we try to slide the door but it doesnt open. So now im thoroughly angry and Im not gonna lie, i started to doubt whether God will answer my prayer. I tell Elder E that if this LAST thing doesnt work we are leaving to go sleep at the house of the other elders. So I untie my shoelace (15 min) and try to loop it through a bigger hole in the lever but i cant quite reach and my hands are now bruised and bleeding from pushing them so hard through this little crack. I finally stand up and in frustration and desperation walk over to the sliding part of the door and with all the anger and strength i had threw the door to the side and it budged....then more, then more and finally we passed through. Turns out the sound and give that i felt with my belt shoe lace set up really worked, but our door is so dangggg rusty it wouldnt budge. Sooooo moral of the story....number one, dont doubt the Lord. If he can move mountains, make the Earth, make man, visit man, and everything, howwww could he not do something so simple that you need in your life like open a door. Moral number two, the Lord is going to make you WORK for it, sometimes so hard that you are bruised and bleeding trying to get through this trial. But guess what? Thats life, and we grow from that and God knows what we need when we need it. I  know that on this particular night, God heard my cry and he came to help me. All things are possible to those who believe and have faith.

Hey fam! Thanks for all the letters! I think i got one from EVERYONE today! That was really nice. Thanks for everything. I love you all!
Elder Josh Hamm

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