Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Last picture of me and P
July 29, 2013
The capu where the buses leave from

Soooooo the big news this change is obviously the change of companions....but NONE of you saw this coming. So Elder P and I get to change meeting and they call that Elder P will be serving in Tehuacan with Elder B. So then they go sit down and im with all the other Elders standing and waiting to be called. So they start calling my whole zone....but im still waiting. Then finally Im literally the LAST one standing up (which should never happen because you need 2 Elders to make a companionship) and President Reeves says okay and Elder Hamm will be Senior Companion with Elder T....who is not here...maybe you can go pick him up in Tehuacan........ Im sorry what? -__-   Soo im confused already and then come to find out my companion wasnt notified until 12 oclock day of, that he had changes. So then i have to go to the Secretary and borrow money so i can pay the 120 pesos for a bus ride to Tehuacan. So at least Elder P and I got to spend a few more hours together on a bus haha but then i get to Tehuacan and meet my new comp.....*drum roll*.....Elder T. And then the zone leaders tell us its too late to go back home cause we would get home at around 10 or 10:30. So i get to stay the night at Elder T's house in Tehuacan with nothing but the stuff i brought to changes....aka my scriptures, PMG and a hymn book. Then our DL calls us and tells us we are having district meeting at 10 oclock -___- sooo we wake up at 6 to get to the big bus depot, hop the 7:20 bus back to our area, take a taxi from the bus depot home and get home at 9:30 just in time to do nothingg before District meeting! haha so it was a pretty ridiculous story! But it all ended well. 

So to answer my dad's questions, obviously Elder T is my new companion, he is from Utah (shockerrr) and his spanish is pretty good! We are actually from the same generation...but yet im senior companion so its a little bit weird but hey, all calls are revelation sooooo YOMO (you only mission once).  Here most people eat...eggs for breakfast i think. They have cereal and stuff too but they have these things called Tortas. Which is this type of cheap bread...kinda like French bread, and they put beans, eggs, ham, mayonaise and chillies on it....they are MONEY haha but yah. And I would have to say that the number one thing that they do here in the church that seems most different from how we do it in the US.....would be that sometimes....(a lot of the time) there isn't a piano player in the congregation...so we sing acapella....BAD acapella haha but yah its pretty ridiculous some days.

Sooo news this week. We got to baptize the daughter of the family we baptized a few weeks ago because she justttt turned 8! And we have also been teaching the 8 year old daughter of a less active family who was baptized the same day and her dad was able to do the ordinance!! It was awesome and I will send pictures! Besides that nothing tooo incredible happened. We got to eat tocos pastor (pretty much my favorite thing in mexico) with a family we are teaching right now. And they are sooo cool it was almost like hanging out with my friends! They are less active but the wife isn't a member and she is really interested!!! 

Sooo spiritual thought this week is short and sweet cause im running out of timeee! Buttt I was just thinking this week about how rough some peoples lives are. I am amazed at the trials some people are called to go through in this life. I just want to say that if you are currently in one of these trials, God has prepared this for you in your life. In Gods eyes, there ARE NO ACCIDENTS. He knows you better than you will ever know yourself and he knows what you need. For those of you who arent going through trials right now. Know that bad things happen to good people. Now that isnt meant to scare you but more to prepare you for when life's troubles come. God knows us, he loves us, and he will never do anything, unless it is for our good and our growing. So put your trust in Him, and no matter what happens, you will be ready.

HEY GUYS!! I hope you are all having a great time and doing great things! Know i love you and pray for you every night!
Elder Josh Hamm

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