Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's NOT sick being sick

A SUPERRR foggy day we had. Pretty errie.
September 23, 2013

So there really isnt much to tell this week. I was pretty sick last week and then this week i was still fighting it off. We had a couple lessons each day and worked really hard. Then Saturday night we had 4 appointments fall through back to back and i was like ughhhh. So it was seven o clock and im like lets go home. But when we got to the door i just couldnt open it. Stupid conscience. So i told my comp we couldnt go home yet cause we still had another hour to work before we had to go home and get things ready for tomorrow. So we walked around in the rain and knocked doors cause we dont know where anyone lives for about 35 minutes and had nobody open the door except for one guy who told us he wasnt even remotely interested. I felt like crappp. So then at 745 we headed home and i knew i was sick again. So i went straight to bed and endured a night that pretty much felt like 4 years of my life. Woke up and found out i had a throat infection. Went to the doctors....well....if you can call it that. they gave me some medicine and i was in bed since. its been prettyyyy lame. But at least i could get to internet to let you all know im alive and well...ish

        Spiritual thought for this week comes from Jacob 5 which if you remember is pretty much my favorite chapter in the book of mormon. Anyways, its talking about the parable of the master of the vineyard. And in verse 65 the master of the vineyard is talking and it says 65: and as they begin to grow ye shall clear away the branches which bring forth bitter fruit, according to the strenth of the good and the size thereof, and ye shall not clear away the bad thereof all at once, lest the roots therof should be too strong for the graft, and the graft thereof shall perish, and i lost the trees of my vineyard. I had never noticed this part before but the Lord is saying that he is going to let some of the bad vines stay there and try to ruin the good branches. Why would the master of the vineyard who says 8X in this chapter that "it would grieve [him] to lose this tree" let these bad branches persecute and try the good? Because just as he says, if the tree were to be nothing but good branches, it would be too good for its own good, and thus it would grow too fast and would perish. I am reminded of the scripture that says that God will not allow us to be tempted above that which we are able. He is not going to let these "evil branches" overgrow us and take us down to hell, but he IS going to let some of them come tempt us depending on our strength and size, so that we can grow at a steady rate and overcome the evil. There is another scripture that says that God gives us weaknesses to make us turn to him and that our weak things will become strong in him. God allows us to be tempted so that we can grow. So when you are in hard times in your life or in times of great temptation, know that the master will not allow the vines of the evil one to suffocate you, but that as you battle what you can, he will eliminate the rest little by little, until you have grown into something beautiful.

Elder Hamm

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