Monday, September 2, 2013

Doctor's a boy

Goat with its head through a wall....on a main city street.

September 2, 2013

Popo Sky!

Soooo this week i was a little bit sick...not much but a little stomach pains and what not. But then on Thursday night the Zone Leaders called us and asked me if I was sick. I said no, but my stomach was a little upset. And Elder E said well i know why....and i was like uh oh, VIRUS. And he said well Elder Hamm, you've been having these pains....because you are pregnant. You are going to be training next change. 

So yah, ill be training and I am leaving the area of Loma Bella at last. Its a pretty sad day cause i love it here. The members, the bishopric, the food, walmart, the city, walmart, my converts....WALMART. haha but for that reason i dont have a lot of time today. I have to wash clothes, shop, clean the house, say bye to people, and pack my bags all in a few short hours haha soooo this entry is going to be short. But consider it a warmup cause next week will be FULLL of details about my new area, comp, how training is going, ect. Sooo thats about it. 

Not much happened this week, my companion was reallyyyy sick for about 4 days so we didnt leave the house much. ANd then of course the announcement that Im training and he will be staying here. Thats pretty much all of it.

Spiritual thought for this week....the church is true. Chirst lives. The Atonement CAN and WILL help you in your life. I know it.

Elder Hamm

HEY FAM!! Sounds like things there are a little hectic and a little sad. But hopefully everything is going relatively well for you guys! I hope you are all having a good time before school starts reallyyy soon!! Love you!

One of my favorite families here in Loma Bella

Popo and I

My new agenda I made

My friend

All the ties I have....right now ;)

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