Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Miracle of Life

My family tree!!

September 9, 2013

A railroad we found in our area....if you look closely
 you can see the Chupacabra sitting on the tracks
 in the background.........
Sooo I got my new companion!!! Soooo changes went well. I got to take a photo with Elder P. (My Elder P´s Trainer), Elder P (My Trainer), and Me and my new Trainee....oh and the other Elder that Elder P trained. So that was good. Buttt some of my favorite Elders on the mission are Elder P, Elder A, and Elder D, and they just happened to all be in the same zone AGAIN....without me haha sooo that was a bummer but Im with my new District Leader Elder G who is also pretty sick. So we have a good time. So after changes, the Municipal President of Puebla helped us with our bags haha casue he is apparently LDS. So he took the bags in a van back to his house in Nealtican (MY NEW ZONE!) and then we took....3 buses and a members truck to get to our area haha we are opening a new area in Huejotzingo which is in the NorthEastern part of Puebla....actually its big enough that it shows up pretty easily on Google maps! So you can check it out! This area is kinda like Loma Bella actually....except it has like a bigillion more Catholic churches....oh and then the Giant Ex-Convent for all the nuns haha one of these days we will go tour it. Nealtican Zone is veryyy sketchy when you get called to it haha cause there are a tonnn of pueblos and....well the city life and the pueblo life are two VERY different things. But this place is the perfect balance between the two! 

The Ex-convent building for Nuns
            So my trainee is Elder P. (haha another P).  He is from Torreón, Coahuila which is up North in Mexico. He comes from a family of 7 like me! He has two older sisters and an older brother, but he is the first one in the family to go on a missoin. His older brother actually isnt a member and some of the others are inactive but he is veryyy excited to be on a mission. He speaks veryyy little English but enough that we can figure out what the heck I am trying to say when things get mixed up haha He went out with the missionaries a lot when he was back home so he is already pretty good at teaching! Its fun to see him experience Puebla just like I did when I got here. I remember the newness of everything and how shocked I was about the mission rules, places, customs, ect. We get along really well too which is a big relief. He is a hard worker and we should see some success here in Heujotzingo together. That being said....we have been here 5 days and gotten lost twice....one time for an hour haha its a pretty big city. He says he has done more walking here on the mission than he has the entire rest of his life haha there are actually 4 Elders in our ward. My companion and I, along with Elder G and his companion. So we get to eat together the four of us everyday which has been fun. Success story for the week would have to be when we got 6 less actives, two families to come back to church! We went and walked 20 minutes to pick them up for church and it was great to see them all getting ready with their families. They hadnt been to church in 15 months!! So things here are pretty good! Our house is actually really nice here! And we live near a lot of members. We had to wash our laundry by hand again today....but we are working on that haha 
We are Wayyy close to Popo in this area
           Sooo Spiritual Though this week comes from experience. So we seriously did get lost this week for literally an hour. We were coming home from the store and we took a wrong turn somewhere and just kept walking....and walking....and walking. It definietly sucked. Buttttt....the thing is, it was cloudy....like really cloudy. And that doesnt mean a whole lot to you guys, but the whole time we were lost and walking, i just kept thinking how much it is gonna stink to have it be raining at the same time that all this is happening....but it never came. We were lost for an HOUR and the clouds were blacker than Jake ever wanted to be...and yet the rain never came. When we have times of trial (notice the WHEN and not an IF) we really do need to count our blessings. On the bad side, we were lost and we didnt get home for an hour. On the good side, it didnt rain, we planned out time for an accident and so we still got to our appointments on time, and later we found where we were lost and now we know where that area is! I know that trials come, but i also know that God loves us and will continue to bless us. Turn to him in trials and he will bless your lives.
And we are also close to IZTACCIHUATL

Love you all! Glad Jake got all moved in and stuff! Hope everyone is having a good time! Talk to you next week! 
Elder Hamm

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