Monday, February 3, 2014

Always Be Worthy

This is a puppy we got to play with one 2 feel good pictures haha
   Okay, So questions from my Dad from LAST week first off. 1) Biggest differences between here and home in terms of a member family? For starters, not a tonn of people have cars. Well, Id say like half. But they are all pretty humble vehicles and the rest of the people walk or take combies everywhere they go (that includes to church). And second off, a lot of the time the people here have to work on Sundays. Its a tough reality of a dificult financial situation. They have to work to keep their jobs and that includes Sunday in many instances. 2) I shop for groceries at a grocery store called Chedraui pretty much. If I want some chips real quick or a snack there are little tiny stores every 8 houses or so...sometimes less haha 3) My favorite scripture right now? Dangggg thats a tough one. BUT I might have to go with Jacob 5:41. It just shows the real character of the Lord and the Powerful, deep love he has for each of us. AND 4) Yes....or at least I try. Most of the time its just a scripture or a small thought and then we ask for references but yes.

Oh, and this is Elder Mendez and I having a
grand time together on interchanges
       Alright! Wellllll big news this week is that IM GONNA MAKE A YEAR ON THE MISSION ON THURSDAY! So look forward to pictures of a burning shirt and other crazy things like that haha This week was pretty good. Gave another District Meeting, NONE of our investigators came to curch -__- sucks butt we were able to meet with them anyway and we got to teach E about Temples, and the sealing works we can do, and also baptisms for the dead. His wife passed away about a year ago and he had no idea about any of the so he was super excited to hear about the chance he has to do all her work (through a female member of the church) It was cool. Then I went to a leadership capacitation on Thursday and I hadnt told ANYONE that I was going to be there so I showed up and A and D and P and I were all freeking out haha it was awesome to spend some time hanging out with them though. And then the rest of the week was full of falling appointments, women alone in their houses thus rendering our missionary power useless. Its like kryptonite. And yah, thats about it! haha

This little kid put on his dad's missionary tag
 and came up to us in Sacrament Meeting.
He is adorableee. 
(dont worry
about the picture, its normal here)
       So spiritual thought for this week comes from Mosiah 21:33. So obviously, its a little slow going in the book of mormon since this isnt too far away from the scripture that I shared last week! haha BUTT it has an insight that I really liked. So I was talking before about how Ammon and his 16 friends left to go find the land of their inheritance and the people who left with Zenniff. Welllll they find them! And the story they have to tell is pretty far fetched but since its scripture I'll let it slide haha but as the story explains. After Abinidi was killed, and Alma believed, he had the spirit decend upon him and he was able to baptize without recieving the priesthood by the laying on of hands (cool stuff). But then before he could baptize the rest of the people he was chased out of the land by the soldiers of King Noah. So now that Ammon is there the king is like DUDE you can totally baptize all of us now! In verse 33 it says: "33) And it came to pass that king Limhi and many of his people were desirous to be baptized; but there was none in the land that had authority from God...." So he is very excited to finally be able to enter into that covenant with God along with his people. BUT verse 33 continues along with 34: "...And Ammon declined doing this thing, considering himself an unworthy servant. 34) Therefore they did not at that time form themselves into a church... " Well, it doesnt really give much detail about WHY Ammon didnt feel worthy, nor if it had anything to do with HIM at all. But, it made me realize something. It is sooo important that we are worthy to use our priesthood power at ALL times, and at a moments notice because we dont know when we are going to be called upon to use it. It could be for something as simple as blessing the sacrament, to something as big as Ammon, baptizing an entire city! But the point is whatever would keep you from being worthy to excersize your sacred priesthood authority is not worth it in the end. this priesthood is given to us to bless the lives of others and the way we live our lives defines the power and effectiveness that the priesthood will have in our hands. So honor your priesthood and always be ready to act in the name of God as a chosen servant of the Lord. 

Elder Josh Hamm

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