Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Weekend!

5 Elders in ONE taxi haha it was pretty intense.
Anything to make it on time to conference
   Alrightttttt well this week was pretty great, cause well, ya know, we got to watch General Conferece, AND we got to baptize a couple that we have been teaching here! So pretty awesome. BUTTT were gonna start off first with my Dads questions!

       Okay 1) My favorite speaker at conference was D. Todd Christofferson who ALWAYS throws down with a great talk. BUT more of that will come in the spiritual thought! 2) Yes, we have microwaves. I dont know if you all remember but that was a HUGE addition to the mission life back in.....August of last year and we have been great ever since haha AND 3) Yes, my mission president has a honda van much like the odyssey haha and then theres a small car for the assistants....that they are no longer allowed to use. #suckstosuck 
Sooo these are alllll over in Huehuetlan.....Yah, scary stuff man
     Welllll this week we went on interchanges with the Elders here in the zoine who are currently serving in a pueblo called "Huehuetlan El Chico". Lemme tell you.....actually let me NOT tell you haha it sufficeth me to say that I am VERY grateful to be serving in a slightly more developed area....(slightly mind you). But the interchanges were good and i had some pretty cool experiences while i was there, and even took some pictures! haha so ill be sending those, but all in all the theme for this week would be HEAT, and LOTS of it. As for the rest of the week, well it was slow and we all know a little about my weekend. We were able to only baptize the parents of the family we have been teaching cause the daughters are always in school so we havent been able to teach them a whole lot! Butttt 2 down, 2 to go and im sure they are also going to baptize eventually. So it was good! Then of course we watched conference. This was my LAST conference on the mission! Pretty crazy no?! Yah, not really haha still means i have like 5 months left. But its cool. The conference was good. We watched it in English, although i really had a hard time adjusting to the new language thinggy. Whenever someone was speaking in spanish, we went into the other room where it was being broadcast in spanish so we didnt have to listen to someone talk over them. It was good all in all though. AND tomorrow im going to give my first Zone Conference with President. We are working out the last minute details, but it should go well (hopefully)! So yah!!

       Soo the spiritual thought from this week, as mentioned above, comes from the talk given in the Saturday morning session of General Conference by D. Todd Christofferson. HIs talk was about Justice, Mercy, and God, and if for some reason you missed out on it, i would HIGHLY suggest that you go look it up and watch it, IMMEDIATELY. Butttt anyways, at one point during the talk Elder Christofferson was talking about how even God has to be under rules, or he would cease to be God. He explains that there are 2 truths about God - 1) God will not save us as we are for he can not tolerate sin in the least degree of allowance. And 2) God will not make us become something that we do not wish to be, or in other words, we are agents unto ourselves, to determine our own destiny. Based off these 2 points, i was reflecting, and i came to the conclusion that really God is only powerful for us, when we give him the oportunity to be so. Imagine having the strongest most powerful light in the world - one so powerful that it could provide sufficient light for not only the entire United States, but for the entire American continent. You would have a pretty valulable gift right? BUT lets say that you dont plug it in. Of what use is a giant light if it isnt plugged in? It is an incredible gift wasted. Such is God in our lives. We have the oportunity to choose to become like him and to accept him, but if we dont, he CANT change us, and he CANT accept us as we are. So i would encourage each of us to think on this great truth and decide today that we are going to take advantage of Gods love and his help, by choosing to sumbit to his will and become what he wants us to become. 

Elder Josh Hamm

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