Monday, October 13, 2014

What a WEEEEK!

MMMMMM....that yummy Chicharron.....(pig skin)
MUUUYYYY BUENAS TAAAAARDES!!! This week has been soooo stressful, i feel like im delirious haha Im just so happy its pday, even though we arent really doing anything, or have plans to do so haha BUT the week is over, and that enough is a reason to celebrate. Soooo on to the email!!

       Alright, well i LOVE my dads questions this week cause it gives me the oportunity to give you a couple insights about misison life haha 1) Awful. haha my socks are in AWFUL conditions. Seriously my socks might as well be straight out of the Old Testament becuase they are holiest of holies. Not even kidding, i dont think i have a single pair of socks without holes. BUT i really dont want to buy more cause im so close to the end! haha i dont wanna waste that money! Sooo ill struggle through haha 2) For shampoo, i used to use a really cheap brand here that they call Caprice....but then i needed to step it up haha so ive switched to head and shoulders. My hair thanks me and my father. 3) They have very few delicious candies that they dont have in the US to be honest haha Out of these very few, they have something called Massapan which is like peanut butter balls pressed into Half-dollar sized disks. Its pretty delicious. They are made by a brand called "De La Rosa". apart from that, all the candy is like normal, but with chile added into it haha its really a hit or a miss. Sometimes your mouth. haha excuse the analogy but its awful. AND 4) The chocolate they have is actually something they dont have in the US a lot but ive had before. The Kinder, like Kinder eggs or Kinder bars or brownies, tastey stuff. 

       Well like i said, this week has been pretty dang stressful if you ask me. So Monday night we pretty much just finished preparing the Zone Conference. Tuesday we woke up early and went to prepare the chruch and everything for the conference. The conference went really, REALLY well. I felt like the Elders really got something out of what i prepared and i could feel the spirit testifying about it too. It was greatttt. Then we got to eat Hamburgers and talked with Sister and President S which was great. They are soooo awesome! I feel like i finally am starting to get to know them. It was really good. Then we went to work the whole week. On Wednesday we did interchanges - INSERT PITY PARTY - Because we are here in the zone of IZUCAR, we have to travel sooo much. Just to get to the interchanges its an hour in a bus. We have Elders who we are going to do interchanges with that live 4 hours from us. Crazy stuff. - END PITY PARTY - So we did those and it was good. Then we had half of a day working in our area as a companionship and then on Friday we did interchanges with the assistants and i stayed in my area with Elder Pr while Elder Pn went to Puebla with Elder S. It was really  good though. Then we had to switch back (5 hours traveling) and then we did weekly planning cause we hadnt had the time. So it was a pretty crazy week, but luckily, this week is gonna be even worse!! We have to give Zone Capacitations now and that means going to 3 different districts (cause theyre so far) and giving the capacitation. We´ll be lucky if we get a solid 2 hours working in our area haha oh well. The good news is that we really motivated the zone with the conference and we have 11 baptisms as a zone for the month of October and we are only in week 2!! We only had 2 last month and the goal is 12 so we are super excited about that!
       So for the spiritual thought this week, i pulled something from D&C! In the LAST section of D&C or Section 138, it talks a lot about the spirit world and its seriously AWESOME! So we know from Peter that after Christ had died and before he was resurrected he went to the spirit world and preached the gospel to the spirits there. BUT what Peter doesnt mention is HOW. In section 138 it talks about how is was only 3 days before Christ returned to his mortal body and was raised from the dead. How could he have preached to everyone in just 3 days, and why would the unjust who rejected the prophets have the opportunity to see him? Well, the answer is they wouldnt. It says that during the 3 days that Christ preached, he was training and preparing righteous spirits to preach the gospel in the spirit world after he was resurrected. He knew that he couldnt teach all of them in such a short time, and moreover, he could not dwell with them, as they were unrepentant, but he sent his missionaries to help them. But then it talks about what that means for us. In verse 57 it reads: "I beheld that the faithful Elders...when they depart from this mortal life, continue their labors in the preaching of the gospel....among those who are in darkness and under the bondage of sin in the great world of the spirits of the dead." Brothers and sisters, this is what awaits us as faithful followers of Christ! When this life ends, our missionary efforts do NOT! We will have the chance to continue bringing a knowledge of the gospel to those who have not had the chance to experience its blessings and power. Missionary work is an eternal calling and an everlasting principle! What a great charge we have! So lets start preparing now, by preaching the gospel wherever we are in our lives.

Elder Josh Hamm

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