Sunday, October 5, 2014


     Well guys, another week has gone and passed and here we still are in Izucar! Things are going really well here. Me and my comp are having a great time and we are working harder than ever. Seriously, harder than EVER....but its a good thing haha so we'll jump in with Dads questions!

       Alright, 1) My apartment is actually pretty nice. Its a pretty clean place and its not too small either. 2) We have windows in our house for ventilation yes, however, it POURED rain the other night, and although they just supposedly replaced them and fixed them, it leaked a tonnnn and the whole floor near the window got wet. Oh well. 3) We do NOT have air conditioning in any house, EVER. But we are luck enough to have an individual fan and then a giant fan for the main room which keeps things pretty cool most of the time. 4) Anddd last of all, yes. Yes we have bugs. Coming here to Izucar actually makes it my 4th area out of 5 in which i have chinches -___- But luckily we are going to get it fumigated. Its also too hot for most of the bugs here haha so its not as bad as it could be.

Me and my comp in our area (lovely photography
credits for the soon to be Elder L) Seriously
 didnt even know he took this picture haha
       Well, like i said, this week has been good. We have been walking..... A LOT. Still hott as the devil, but its been good. We have managed to put a grand total of 5 baptismal dates for this week and hopefully they are all going to go through. We really have been blessed through hard work to have some great investigators who are truly ready to recieve this message. Weve also been working on continuing to try and find new investigators! (which is NEVER fun, but ya know...its kinda the basic haha please see PMG chapter 9) So yah, all good here. Anddd that takes us to the spiritual thought!!

       Soooo the spiritual thought this week comes from experiences in the rama of Izucar. So we are in a small branch here.....and well to be honest, it is full of very.....colorful personalities haha so the thing i was thinking about this week was humility. Humility is difficult to develop, i realize....cause im NOT the most humble guy haha but its really an attribute of Christ. Humility isnt just about letting people tell you things that you can improve, or accepting critisism, otherwise it really wouldnt be too much of a Christ-like attribute. Humility is about understanding that God has a great love for all of his children, and then applying that love. Humility doesnt mean you are shy, it means you are friendly! You feel the love of our heavenly father, which makes you want to reach out and love everyone you see so that they can feel good. Humility is being meek enough to accept the faults in others, knowing that you yourself are working on perfection. Its not about judging, its about understanding. And brothers and sisters, when we can finally acheive that humility, we will be taking a great step towards the kingdom of God and eternal life. So i encourage all of you to work on developing this attribute, knowing that God will help you along the way.  

Elder Josh Hamm

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