Monday, August 5, 2013


August 5, 2013
The view was sick!
So first things first. Unfortunately both my Mother AND Father told me in their emails that it was their anniversary....Im gonna have to take that as a sign that they figured I forgot, but c'mon, Im your son!!!......and have that homemade calender hanging on my wall with all the important events on it. So one way or another I was going to get around to remembering haha Sooo on that note: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I dont know how to say that in spanish would be in spanish and you would all be very impressed. Butttt thats just too far out of my little league right now so maybe next year? We´ll skip all the lovey dovey mushy wushy stuff but if you think your parents are the best in the world....then youre wrong. And I say that with a fair deal of confidence so come see me. They are the best parents a kid could ask for which is good cause as everyone knows you dont actually get to choose, soooooo, yah thanks for everything. Love you guys.

              Soooo second things second (such a bad phrase). Tomorrow I will hit exactly 6 months on the mission which most people say is a fourth of the way there....well let me just tell you...its been a longgg ride haha but yet here we are and now I only have to do this 3 more times! Soo its a small step....but in the right direction! So theres something to celebrate and you best believe you will see pictures of ties burning in next weeks email! 

A little lizard we found while cutting grass
               Okay so now on to the questions that my dad has asked me thisss week. For starters, yes, they eat popcorn here and they have some of the most dope looking flavors! (for those of you who have been around the block a few more times, dope means cool) Im talking about jalapeƱo, chili, carmel, cream, nacho cheese, cheddar, and more and they all just come in little 3 peso bags that you can buy!....only problem is we dont have a microwave -__- when the mission was picking out which 2 kitchen items to give the missionaries they had settled on stove, and there was talk of a microwave, but then that one dude that kevin invited in the corner was like "and a blender!! A blender would just be a hugggeeee help!" So they went with what is arguably the most Un-versitle kitchen applience next to the quisenart. (not even gonna try and spell that). Soo yes theres popcorn, but we dont eat it. Shave ice yes, and you better believe I made friends with the people who sell it FAST. So now we get free shave ice every once in a while. And on top of that its really good homemade shaveice too called nieve. MONEY. The pretty mild. Not really too hott or too cold....unless you are walking around all day haha....oh wait.....thats my life -__-. Its a little warm sometimes yes, but not bad. So thats it for questions, and looking back it was a LOT more sarcastic than intended haha I apologize.

papa johns pizza yummm!
            So this week was pretty uneventful. Got sworn at a lot so that was fun. Cut grass by hand for service with the Zone Leaders....we used machetes so that was actually dope (refer to previous paragraph.) But I got to go on interchanges with Elder Allred and it was his birthday so we had papa johns pizza which was soooo good, then we ended up playing a very intense version of the what-if game...which is worse when youre sitting in a dark house in the middle of mexico. Needless to say, we slept with the light on...well he wanted to but we ended up chosing primary songs which as everyone knows is eqally effective at scaring the ghosts away. It is a proven fact that ghosts are scared of primary hymns.

           Soo spiritual though this week comes from the experience of one of our investigators....but more importantly from her nephew. We have had a woman who is known as an "eternal investigator" and we had a reallllyyyy spiritual lesson with her and her recently baptized nephew. But the nephew bore his testimony about baptism and said that when you are baptized you go down into that water and the lords hand reaches in and pulls you out...and then he never lets go again. He talked about how he was having a hard time quitting smoking before he was baptized and now he cant sleep sometimes because of the cravings and so he gets up, walks down to the store, buys cigarettes to smoke but he ends up breaking them in half because he  knows that no matter how hard it is to quit, letting the lord down would be worse. I know that the Lord is with us always. He will never leave us alone and he will never let go of our hand.

Love you guys! Hope you are having fun!
Elder Josh Hamm

Most confusing road sign award goes to....this sign

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