Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Week Down

August 12, 2013

Soooo Big news this week is that we had our 6 Month celebration. I decided that a tie alone wouldnt burn well enough so i soaked mine in rubbing alcohol and then torched it....only Elder Allred kindaaa forgot to tell me that he had also put fireworks in it haha sooo that was exciting and deafening but we burned ties, had little ceasars pizza and it all ended up being a great time.

I FOUND HONEY SUCKLE!! haha it took me 5 minutes cause i
 could smell it but couldnt find it....but then i did! haha and
 it was delicious
          Hmmm this week?....well....it was a fairly normal week for me. We walked around... A LOT. Watched a lot of our appointments fall through, walked some more, taught a few lessons here and there, and watched some more appointments fall through. Our house almost got flooded because the drain system here is terrible and when it rains all the pipes back up and flood places....good thing we got everything off the floor and channeled the water into the bathroom adn down the drain. So take THAT Mexico! But it all went well. Other than that, we had a family in our ward who is WAYY less active come to church after like 15 years!! It was awesome, and its always nice to see that hard work pay off. We got three new investigators who seem to really want to know more about the gospel and so hopefully that will go wel. Umm we woke up one day and went to an appointment at 8 in the morning....and the mom forgot to tell us that the son had canceled 3 days earlier...joy. And then we couldnt go home just to come back for another appointment at 10 so instead we sat at a gas station and studied while eating nachos with cheese that has been sitting in the machine for WHO KNOWS how long haha but we arent sick yet so yay. But thats pretty much it! Nothing too terribly exciting this week haha sorry
Popo has been freeking out, but thats not any type of big news haha
         Soo spiritual thought for this week comes from my dad kinda. A long time ago....well i guess it was only 7 months ago, though it seems like 7 years...was telling me about the temple. This week we were teaching a recently reactivated family about temples and how they should really be the goal for them since now they are attending church again. It was really powerful but I shared with them (in roughly translated spanish) what my dad shared with me before i went to the temple. He said "ya know, I just dont understand the mindset of the people who are active members of the church and never make it to the temple. Thats like training for a marathon for 18 years and then you are running the race, and righttttttt before the finish line, you just sit down.....you have trained your whole life through YM and YW programs, Seminary, Sunday School, Sacrament, Quorums and Classes, Home Teaching, and more to enter the temple and now you are so close. Not going into the temple at this point when you are worthy and ready just doesnt make sense to me." They were both in tears and committed to setting a date to go to the temple in the near future and be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. The temple is the most important place you will ever go in your lifetime. If you are worthy and at that point, please, please, go to the temple and let God pour out his blessings upon you.

Thanks for the pictures of you guys with the signs! That was so awesome. I love you guys and i hope everything is going well for you guys and that youre having an awesome time on vacation!
Elder Josh Hamms

ROOTBEERRR!!! Found it at a store here called Waldos....MONEY

These OLLLDDDD Volkswagon hippie vans are madd popular here,
and props to them cause they still run!

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