Monday, August 26, 2013

Worst Week Ever?..........(remove question mark)

August 26, 2013

Soooo dont wanna put a downer on this blog, but in the name of being honest, this was probably the worst week of my mission so far. We had the food appointment fall through 3 times this week, we taught like 8 lessons total, got chewed out by members twice, missed the bishop's birthday and offended his wife. Needless to say it wasnt great. But thats just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. But i decided I AM THE BUCKET ON TOP OF THE WATER PLAYGROUND. Meaning that one bucket that just has water pour into it all day till it just of these days im gonna tip people.  But because it was a bummer week there isnt really much to talk about. Sooo lets see if i can rescue this thing with a spiritual thought.

Sooo this week the spiritual thought comes from the very dificult week which i had. So like i said, my companion and I got chewed out two different times from the members for dumb reasons. Sooo long story short, a member started going in on me and my companion for not helping clean up chairs after an activity. I explained to him that we were talking to investigators and less actives like the bishop had asked us, and he said that we were bad examples of members, missionaries, and that we should be ashamed of ourselves. SIDE NOTE - Elder P and I had a few situations like this and he always kept a cool head and said something in a relaxed tone, very respectfully before i could get an angry word in. - END SIDE NOTE Sooo Elder P wasnt here this time, so i let this man know he was in the wrong. To be specific, i told him something along the lines of we have a calling from a prophet and it isnt to clean up after him and that if he has a problem with that he can take it up with the bishop. Then he got more angry and said we were gonna leave it like that then and stormed inside his house. I got home just angry out of my seriously maybe the most angry ive been on the mission. And then a funny thing happened. I sat down at my desk and started looking at the pictures of Christ on my wall. The second i did it i regreted it too haha cause i could feel it starting to work in me. I thought about Christ and how he was in this same place when he was on the Earth. But he not only didnt get mad.....he forgave them....and THEN he prayed to the father to forgive them. I wanted to be sooo mad soo bad. But i just couldnt. And so as much as it sucked, i went back to this mans door and asked him for his forgiveness and appologized for losing my temper and told him we were going to be more aware of when we needed to help people. We both agreed in the end to be friends. And ya know what? I felt better. I didnt think it was possible to feel that good asking someone for forgiveness. But as hard as it was, i know that it would have ruined my day if not my week if i had let it. So if you are angry with someone right now in your life, i know how good that feels. I know how much you want to just hold those feelings of hatred inside and let them brood....but i promise you there is a better way. As hard as it is to imagine, you will feel better if you just let it go. So go to this person...and ask this person who offended YOU, if THEY wil forgive you for holding this grudge. And then enjoy the liberating feeling of forgiveness.

Hey guys! Love you all a ton! Talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Hamm

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