Monday, August 19, 2013


August 19, 2013

Some sick pictures I took in a field
Yeah did that line myself....imma beast
First off, this week my Dads questions were about my new companion. Well my new(ish) companion is Edler Taylor. He is 24 from Orem, Utah. He has the same time as me on the mission (6 months) and he comes form a family of 10 kids!! ANDDD he is the youngest! haha crazy. But he has been a member his whole life along with all his brothers and sisters and his parents. He knows a tonn about cars and not a ton about swag. I know a ton about swag and almost nothing about cars, so we decided we would teach eachother and after the mission if i ever have car problems i know where im going haha On pday we ALWAYS play soccer. WE found a really nice turf field and the zone leader we have is leaving in one change to go home and he looveess soccer so we play for him and happen to enjoy it a ton ourselves. This week, we are playing with our zone, the zone Cholula, the assistants, Secretary De La Rosa, and we are told a special guest....i really hope its not Elder Martinez from the area presidency who gave us a training this week haha dang.
My BOYYYY with the shave cart! haha  We are really good friends.

My other friend next to the shave ice stand
            Sooooooo this week has been pretty full although still fairly uneventful! haha We taught a few lessons here and there, taught 2 new investigators and it went really well but i will share more about that in the spiritual thought, had district meeting, got planced by my district leader for getting to the house late ONE time out of this whole change -_____- smf. We got to get some free shave ice from the shave ice people i made friends with haha and had a big zone capaciation (zone training) with the area president Elder Martinez and his wife! It was really interesting and when the pictures come out on Sister Reeves blog or the email letter, you will be able to see the activities we did! It was really good though. And then we had an idea to go hand out pamplets with my district on Saturday at a park, got to the park, and within 2 minutes the sky opened up and DUMPED on us. Im not even kidding, like Satan was like straight up WHAT ACTIVITY?! It was some of the hardest rain we have had. And the wind was sooo strong too. We got soaked.....needless to say it wasnt the most sucessful activity we have ever had haha but we contacted the security gaurds so it wasnt a total waste! haha
         So spiritual thought for this week is about the one true church......if you arent with me yet, thats ours. Soo we had our first lesson with two brothers on Tuesday and they are both new investigators. We were teaching them about the book of mormon so we were reading the introduction and the one brother asked why God confounded all the languages in the story with the Tower of Babel. So we told him about how the city and the people were SOOO wicked that God confounded their languages so that they couldnt communicate with eachother and thus couldnt commit all the wicked acts that they had been commiting. Then the brother was like "Wowww, i have asked soo many churches and so many people about that and none of them have given me a straight and plausable answer like that. They all just either say that its cause God just wanted to, or beause there needed to be more languages in the world. But you guys actually have an answer and it all makes sense." It was a really big Ah-ha moment for him and it was awesome to see what real truth can bring to those who are seeking it! But then it got me thinking about how lucky i am to be a missionary for the ONE TRUE CHURCH. Can you imagine trying to be a missionary for another church and having to weave your way through questions and dodge the loop holes that are in your doctrine? You dont have the holy ghost to help testify to their hearts, and you have things in your doctrine that are contridictary to historical records and/or scriptures in the bible! So the parallel i pulled form this was that we have the true church AND we have the why are we not sharing the gospel more? What do we have to fear? We are spreading truth without fault, inviting people to live a better life, and feeling the spirit more powerfully in our own lives all along the way! So my challenge for you is to spread the gospel. Dont be afraid to open your mouth and share this wonderful gift you have been given.
Popcorn!! All the flavors at Walmart
Another sick picture
The last sick picture

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