Hey Im Woody...howdy howdy howdy. Soo big news this week is that there are changes and my companion Elder Salmeron is leavingggggg! Bittersweet moments are going to be had by all, but its for the best. More on that in a minute, but first, the questions from my father! #1 - Yes, people have refrigerators....almost everyone, BUT do people use them? Thats gonna be personal descression haha people here leave raw chicken out in the sun all day and as long as they cover it with plastic they think its safe. I (along with science and fact) on the other hand beg to differ. #2 - Do people drink milk? Yes, but they drink milk that sits in an unrefrigerated carton on a shelf. Its like....not real milk. They almost never drink real milk....actually i have yet to find a member who drinks gallon milk that needs to be refrigerated. #3 - Yes, they have cakes for birthdays, but they are different. Sometimes it could be flan, or it could be a cake like normal....but covered in milk. Most all cake here is soggy....and thats how they like it. Its actually pretty good. #4 - Different birthday traditions would include soaking people in water...like buckets haha in school if you have a water bottle, dump it, if you have a bucket, throw it, and if you dont have either, find a way to trick your friend into following you to the drinking fountain. They also sing a different song here (unlike i was taught in primary - smh.) They sing a song called the mañanitas. Still dont know the words haha #5 - And last of all, yes, they eat ice cream, and its actually more delicious than that of the US haha well, usually. Cause they make almost all of it homemade like we do in the states on the 4th of July haha its pretty freekin good.
       So like I was saying, there are changes. Elder Salmeron is leaving...along with the rest of my district haha the only people from my district who are staying are the sisters and Elder Mendez the Zone leader. Also, next change I will be refered to as Zone Leader 3 because I am going to have 10 Missionaries in my district which is over a quarter of the zone. #sucks But it will be cool to have so many new people in the zone. As for the rest of the week, well we had interviews with president on Tuesday, got to eat some absolutely delicious chocolate peanut butter brownies compliments of sister Reeves (they are highly reccommended by me. Then the rest of the week was pretty slow. Appointments, church, divisions with the Elders in my district, food appointments. Highlights include when an investigators baby was chewing on something that turned out to be a glass tube of medicine (he still lives haha) A little 3 year old daughter of a less active who grew up in the US and so she doesnt speak spansih and she understands perfectly all my English, and of course Elder G going back to the hospital haha (he is out now and feeling much, MUCH better). So yah, a pretty decent week!
       So I have been reading this week in "Jesus The Christ" (highly reccomended) and it got me thinking a little bit about Satan. That guy is a Jerk Bag. He is literally the epitimy of every bad guy you have ever seen in any movie...ever. He exploits our weankesses, he uses the world to make wickedness appear as happiness....and he is SOO DANG good at it!! I mean think about it, how many years does Satan have tempting us now?....like a bajillion. According to an article I read a LONG time ago, if you practice something for 10,000 hours, you are considered perfect at it. So with my terrible math...that would equal approximately 4 and a half years if you practiced 6 hours every day. Satan practices 24/7....he NEVER rests, and that has brought him to the point where someone could say he is PERFECT at what he does. But, as I think I have mentioned before, Satan may be good....but God is better. He has even MORE practice than Satan and he too is inviting us to do good amongst the enticings of Satan! So if you are ever feeling like you are becoming subject to Satan and his perfect enticings of evil, just remember that you are the son or daughter of a living God. He knew that Satan would be sent to Earth to tempt us and he knew that we could withstand it. So seek out those promptings from the spirit inviting you to do good and act on them. I promise you, you will feel the love of the one who is sending them.

Elder Josh Hamm