February 10, 2014

Me standing outside the hopsital where Elder G was staying....BY MYSELF!
 Cause I had to go on interchanges with a member and
he was still getting there.. haha weird feeling being alone
       Keep the title...I like the way it flows haha Hey guys!! Big news this week is that I hit a year markkkkkk! I burned one of my shirts and it turned out pretty freekin cool if you ask me. Pictures will be attatched. Gotta say its been a pretty crazy year in a lot of ways. I feel like the year has gone by fast...as well as slow haha but I think I can do it ONE MORE TIME before I go home. At least thats the goal haha But now for the week summary!

My "son" Elder Perales...baptizing!
His step father gave him all that I never could!
It was a bitter-sweet moment haha
       Monday was a normal pday for the most part. We got to teach 3 new investigators that night and they were awesome! They have already been coming to church and we put a follow up appointment for Sunday. Tuesday was SLOWWWW as anything. We had a zone capacitation in the morning which went well, then food, and that was alright....butttt then we just ended up with nothing. Walking around, going through the ward list. I went through and organized it by the members in our area as opposed to the ZL's and then the less actives, actives, etc. Then thats about it haha Wednesday we didnt have district meeting cause of the zone capacitation. But then after we went to pay the house and i dont know if i told you about that last time, but the Lord blessed us at the bank AGAIN! We got there and it was packed. Ugh, took a number...#439. And then i hear the lady call out for number 392 and Im like...whelp, this sucks. So we wait and wait. We have been there about 25 minutes and they are now on an incredibly fast pace....(NOT) and have arrived at number 404. So im like dude, this is nottt the move. Out of knowhere a guy walks up to us and says super cheary-like "Hey, what number do you have?" And Im like get outta here kid youre bugging me. Nah, cause Im a missionary. So im like oh, i have number 439 and hes like oh, well heres mine, cause ive already been helped by someone else!....Then this dude proceeds to hand me a paper with number 415 on it. Im like dudddeee i love you, and hes like god bless you. I was so happy! We got out of there in 10 minutes. God is great haha 

Preparing to burn my shirt!

BURN BABY BURN!!! 1 year
The 4 of us Elders in the hospital!
Thursday I hit a yearrrrrrr!!! I got to burn my shirt and it was a pretty good day too with 2 citas. Then the rest of the week was mixed between trying to teach people and help Elder M and Elder G cause Elder G entered the hospital on Friday and didnt leave until this morning. Stomach problems. haha a lady in the ward this week was like wow, you guerros have such weak stomachs. And i was like wow, you mexicans have such dirty food hahahahaha everyone laughed and then i apologized. We always joke around with them so it was okay.

       Okay, so spiritual thought this week comes from ME HITTING A YEAR! (how many more times can i slip it in here?) So the morning that I hit my year mark, I opened up my journal and read the entry I had from a year ago when i entered the MTC. I couldnt believe it was the same person. Who knows where I would be if I hadnt gone on a mission. Not in a good place, thats where. But overall, it was cool to see the hand of God in all of it. On February 6th 2013 I was sooo overwhelmed. I didnt really know why I was going on a mission, only that God wanted me to do it. I didnt know how it was going to be, or if i was going to make it through it...but God did. It was soo awesome to see how I was standing at the edge of a cliff and I couldnt really see what was at the bottom...but God did! He had it all planned out from the beginning! All the experiences Ive had, all the people Ive met, EVERYTHING....was planned out by Him. I was standing there, and I took a leap of faith...into what I thought was a dark abyss...but His hands had been waiting there the whole time, just below my vision, and he caught me so gently. I just realized that if we are doing what God wants us to do, we dont have to worry about what will happen. God knows. He has a plan, and even if we cant see all of it, he is ready and waiting just out of sight. So take that leap of faith, and I promise you, looking back, you'll be glad you did.
Mmmmmm....pig stomach. They sell it
and eat it like this here.

Love you all!
Elder Josh Hamm