Hey guys! So not much time today, but nevertheless (<---One word....so dope) I will answer my fathers questions quickly. #1 - Here there actually arent a lot of people who have heard of the church, but they have ALL seen the missionaries walking around haha so we go off of that more #2 - Yes, they eat donuts and they actually sell a pack of 6 powder-sugar donuts for 8 pesos....delicious. #3 - NO. there are absolutely nooo laws about fireworks here and its freekin awesome. I can shoot them wherever i want. we can light off a giant textbook sized firecracker filled with gunpowder and nobody bats an eye haha thats also bad though, cause its common to be walking down the street and have the bejeezees scared out of you by a giant firework a block over. and #4- They usually live in homes. Small homes that have one small common room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen...aisle thingy haha and a small back area to wash clothes.

       Sooo the news this week is that we had changes.....yes...WE. Soo aparently nobody told me that I also had changes. THAT my dear friends....is QUITE the day ruiner. So at the changes meeting President calls out, "Elder Hamm as the district leader, with Elder V, working in the area of Centenario THREE AND CHILAC TWO. So Im like wait, do you mean Centenario TWO (the area i have been working in the past 3 months)? And he pauses, looks at the paper, and then says...no Centenario THREE AND CHILAC TWO. See me after. So afterwards Im like yo President whats going on? And hes like "Elder Hamm I need you" Well played president haha Okay, well that pretty much ruins any chance of arguing or whinning. So Im like so whats happening with the house in Centenario Two? And hes like the sisters are gonna stay there and you are gonna move to San Diego...did no one tell you that? No...that little nugget of joy didnt quite reach my cellphone. So he appologizes for that and then tells me that we are going to be living in a little pueblo called San Diego and we are going to be covering 8 Pueblos AND 2 wards!! (well one ward and a branch) So I am with my new companion Elder V and we are in for a rediculously hard, busy change, but we are more or less ready. Only really good news is that we live very near the O family and they are the BEST. They let us wash at their house and use their internet on Mondays and they always make food for us when we dont have anything to eat. They are seriously the silver lining to all this haha

       The spiritual thought for this week comes from the rediculous changes AND Mosiah. So before I start this, I would just like to brag about my parents real quick. After the change meeting, I was pretty upset, cause i was moved from a very nice city area with investigators with baptism dates, to an area of little pueblos with a history of hard people. But when I got home, i read a letter from my mom....and in a completely seperate thought than anything, she said "Learn to love change...its a fact of life and it happens." haha she shoots, she scores. Then my dad this week without knowing about the changes sends me an email with a spiritual thought about not throwing pity parties or being offended or angry, but rather looking on the bright side of things and thanking our Heavenly Father for the blessings that we have among the trials he is sending us. Sooo they are pretty much perfectly in-tune haha buttt ill stop embarrassing them now, and even though that could stand as its own spiritual thought, Id just like to throw in a scripture to emphasize it! In Mosiah the people of Alma are in bondage, but in Mosiah 24:15-16 it says "15) And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord. 16) And it came to passt hat so great was their faith and their patience that the voice of the Lord came unto them again, saying: Be of good comfort, for on teh morrow I will deliver you out of bondage." Submit to the will of the Lord CHEERFULLY and have FAITH and PATIENCE and you too will be delivered from the things which burden you. I know it, because I am living it. You can know it too.

HEY FAM! I LOVE YOU ALL A TONNN!! Thanks for everything!!!!!
Much Love,
Elder Josh Hamm