Monday, December 30, 2013

And A Happy New Year!

The Four of Us Elders on Christmas Eve!
      Soo for starters, thanks for all the Christmas wishes. Christmas turned out to be very different, but it wasnt too bad. Christmas Eve we went and had Christmas dinner with a family and it was delicious and filling as a Christmas feast should be. Then on Christmas we didnt really do anything.....EXCEPT TALK TO OUR FAMILIES!! haha so that was super fun. And....well thats pretty much it. We didnt have any lessons cause alllll the appointments fell through. Turns out people actually do things with their families around this time of year....go figure.
We even ate Breakfast there.  It was a little lake-side restaurant. 
       So as for here, yes they celebrate New Years, actually pretty intensely (if thats a word haha) They actually make life sized....scarecrows you could say. Like huge figures and stuff them with fireworks and then paint 2013 or the year that is going out on it.....and then they soak it in gasoline and light it on fire haha so im stoked to see some of that going on haha Thats all they have i think. No boxing day, but it should prove to be legit anyway haha
       Sooo we didnt really have ANY lessons this week. I mean i think we had like 3 in total, but that was it (lame i know). But that was probably in part because of the lack of people in their houses...and the abundance of holiday. (I have a developing theory that the two are connected. shhhh) Butttt the point is that there isnt much to tell really! Elder S, our zone leader, goes home....well tomorrow, but they actually left Tehuacan yesterday to go back to Puebla. Best of luck to him...not that he will read this haha
A picture fro our second lake trip we took this morning! 
       Andddd the spiritual thought this week comes from yours truly. Its more advice than spiritual thought, but take it for what you will. There are a lot of things i wanna accomplish on my mission, and sometimes when I think about how much time I have left on the mission, I cant decide if its a lot...or a little. I feel like I still have so much time to work on my goals, but in the same moment, time is passing by. Well, we dont really know how much time we have left on this Earth. Sometimes, it seems like it will never end, and other times it seems to be flying by. But the point of it all is, we have to be constantly working on ourselves. Someday, Christ is going to come again. And when that day comes, I want to be working diligently on myself, and feel free of regret. The new year is the perfect time to set goals, and i would encourage you to do so! Its a tradition in my family and while we arent always so diligent in keeping up with them, the goals are a good way to check our progress. So anyways, hope you all have a happy new year! Enjoy!

Elder Josh Hamm 

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