Monday, December 9, 2013

Eternal Perspective

The Once Great Uh-Oh-Oreo
Soooo I dont really have much time today.And the reason for that is because I have some pretty depressing news. Basically when you are in a Trio, you have to be constantly worried that a couple of STUPID Elders will do something dumb which leads to them getting split up and YOU having emergency changes. Well, thats whats happening. Just a few hours ago I got a phone call from the Assistants telling me that I have 2 hours to pack all my bags because I have emergency changes to Tehuacan. Apparently 2 Elders got in a fight and so now i have to be moved out of my zone where we just put 6 baptismal dates in one week, to an area i dont know, in the middle of a change, with almost NO details. So thats pretty much the big news this week. Next week I will tell you all about the details but the point of it is, I am NOT a happy camper, but as I will talk about in the spiritual thought, I just need to trust Heavenly Father.

      So, the only news we have other than that for this week is that we got to put 6 fechas in our area in one week. It was cool to be able to set so many people up to be baptized. Basically, things just started working out this change. 2 couples who couldnt get their information to get married suddenly had random luck which led them to be able to get married, and another man was able to trade shifts with a friend at work, so that he can go to church on Sunday! So that was really cool.

Some HUGE delicious Molotes we ate!
(Only one who finished? This guy.)
       Well, the spiritual thought this week is gonna be quick and it comes from my current situation and a book I read a while back. Today while i was frantically packing all my stuff as quick as I could, I started thinking of the WHY. WHY was this happening to me, WHAT did I do to deserve this, and HOW was I going to get over it all. Well, it reminded me of a passage from the Novel "Mans Search for Meaning" in which the author was relating a story. He explains that he was in front of a group of people who were seeking psychiatric help after going through significant amounts of suffering. These people were searching for answers to their sufferings, and WHY they had to endure them. The author then proposed a question which I now quote: "The question was whether an ape which was being used to develop a poliomyelitis serum, and for this reason punctured again and again, would ever be able to grasp the meaning of its suffering. Unanimously, the group replied that of course it would not; with its limited intelligence, it could not enter into the world of man, i.e., the only world in which the meaning of its suffering would be understandable. Then I pushed forward with the following question: ‘And what about man? Are you sure that the the human world is a terminal point in the evolution of the cosmos? Is it not conceivable that there is still another dimension, a world beyond man’s world; a world in which the question of an ultimate meaning of human suffering would find an answer?” In remembering this, it reminded me that there is a God watching over us. He is our Heavenly Father. He loves us, he wants us to be happy, and he has a plan in order to accomplish that task. Trust in him. In He who can see beyond this life and into the meaning of our suffering.

Love you,
Elder Josh Hamm

Elder Allred and I exchanged ties (The one he gave me is SICK)

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