Monday, December 2, 2013

Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Our New District!!
  Sooo Im gonna start out with my Dads questions.....but I have to save one of them, or it will ruin a surprising plot twist! So stay tuned for that. Here, usually the kids dont have game systems, like none of them, but what they do have are arcades where there are game systems and tvs, arcade games, and more all in one place! Thats usually what they do, but there are the majority of kids our playing in the streets. There are soccer fields EVERYWHERE and they are made specially so they are also basektball courts, so they can play either of them!....they always choose soccer :( Mostly we hand out pass along cards, but we always carry around 2 book of mormons in case the people ask specifically for that, or we are teaching an investigator and we leave one with them to read....and the other questions will remain a mystery!.....for like 3 more seconds.

       So big news this week would be the changes. Okay, so this is kinda a long story, BUTTTTTT basically we went to the changes meeting, and I got my new comp. His name is Elder V and he is from the Dominican Republic! (Yes, his accent is sick haha) he has 9 months on the mission and he is a very chill guy, but has strong desires to work, so i think we will have a lot of success. So if that was the only news, it would be kinda boring....bit it isnt. They then go on to tell us that Elder....A is once again my District Leader haha and more than that, he is going to be working in Huejotzingo 1, so we are gonna see eachother everyday at the food...but then it gets better. So Elder A's comp...just happens to have emergency changes (not cool) but Elder A gets moved....into a freekin TRIO with us (very cool) So right now Elder A, Elder V, and I are in a Trio and sharing the entire city and ward of Heujotzingo. It is sooo sick! Elder A's story is that he is from Arizona, he has 17 months on the mission, and is also chill. So we are having some good times.
Our new TRIO….The Inside-Out-Oreo!
       So apart from that we just taught a bunch of teaching lessons and boring stuff like that ;) nahhh im kidding. We actually had a few really powerful lessons with some investigators that we have. But on to the spiritual thought!
       So this weeks spiritual thought has to do with Thanksgiving...which has already passed but i was thinking about it this week (while not celebrating) and read a scripture that kinda made me think a little. Im sure most of us know the famous scripture in Mosiah 2 which talks about being in the service of your fellow man. But I think I have let this scripture capture my attention too much in the past and missed an interesting insight in verse 19. See King Benjamin has been talking to his people about how he has served and labored with them, but in 19 he changes his tune a little. It reads "19 And behold also, if I, whom ye call your king, who has spent his days in your service, and yet has been in the service of God, do merit any thanks from you, O how you out to thank your heavenly King!" I thought about that, and well he is right. I thought about how many times I have recieved some act of kindness from a friend or from someone I know, or even someone I dont know. And MANNN have I thanked them. One might even use the word profusely...but how many times have i then thought to thank my Heavenly King from whom all blessings come, even seemingly unrelated ones. To me, that was a new idea - that the next time someone does something nice for me, I thank them equally profusely, but then remember to thank my Heavenly King for coordinating all the blessings! Anyways, just a thought for when we are thinking about Thanksgiving and the blessings we recieve around the Christmas Holiday, to remember "him from whom all blessings flow".

Elder Josh Hamm

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