Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

This is why we polish our shoes.  haha
       MERRY CHRISTMAS! I figured Id lead in with that since it is most assuredly on everyones mind at this point. Today is the 23rd of December afterall, which means that we are exactly 2 days from Christmas. I dont wanna take up too much time with all of the Holiday wrapping, preparing, shopping, cooking, ect. So this weeks email will be a little short!

Elder Scott, Elder Gerber and I at the Christmas Conference!
       The only news from this week is a story I have that might not be terribly exciting to all of you, but it was like almost the highlight of my week haha So on Thursday, we had to go pay the rent.....yes this is real....on the 19th of the month, my companion realizes that they never paid the rent, and the owner is now a little upset. So we go to the 3:45, 15 minutes before it closes. We get lost on the way, and arrive at 3:53, and it is PACKED in every sense of the word. Like seriously there are at least 50 people crammed into this bank shoulder to shoulder. So Im a little frustrated that we didnt get there earlier in the month or any other time that day. Then I tell my comp we have to go stand in line, and hes like "But thats gonna take a long time." Im like UHHHHH we dont really have a choice right now man!! So we go in and then my comps like "I think we need a number....but idk cause ive never paid the rent before." So now im super frustrated, not with my comp, but at the situation. So I'm like okay, we HAVE to do something right now. So I walk over to this desk where theres a man doing consultations. And Im like "Hey, I'm sorry to bother you but we are trying to deposit money in an account and my companion....i mean WE dont know how to do it and we are late to pay it." And this guy smiles at me and says "I respect you for taking responsibility for the problem, even if you werent part of the cause. Then he signs a piece of paper, and points to a VIP line and says go ahead and wait in that line. I was in shock. So we walk over to the line that has 4 people in it, and wait about 5 minutes before getting to the counter and paying the rent. I was sooo relieved. It was truely a blessing from God in that moment, and there was really no way to deny it.

My new District!
       Sooo the spiritual thought from this week is about Christmas, and I know you are probably a little tired of hearing all about the true meaning of christmas and all that jazz, but just hold on for oneee more haha I'm not gonna lie, I'm not terribly excited for Christmas this year, and I dont see any problem with that given my current situation. There will be no celebrating with family, no gifts, no traditions, and in all honesty, not even a break from work. But what this Christmas season HAS given me so far, is the chance to think about just how important Christmas is. Im sure, like me, many of you have thought of the true meaning of Christmas before, but have you thought about what that all lead to? For me, this was a new perspective. Yes, Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day, but it was so much more than that. In the small town of Bethlehem, the son of God was born into a mortal world. A world that was full of trials, a world that would deny his Godliness, a world that would condemn him for his miracles, a world that would reject him, a world that would spit upon him, a world that would crucify him alongside theives....a world that he loved. More than we can understand right now. Christ wasnt just born on Christmas day. Christmas marks the day that Mankind saw hope for salvation in this life and in the next. And there is no other name under heaven, save it be Jesus Christ, whereby man can be saved. So on the morning of the 25th of December, just remember why it is called CHRISTmas.

Hey guys! I hope you have a great time on Christmas. Ill be thinking about you guys and I cant wait to talk to you all!
Elder Josh Hamm

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