Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We took a hike on PDay up to these lakes and they had these huge
Jurassic looking plants there so we climbed one! It was sooo cool!
      Soo this week has for sure been full of changes and adjustments ect! But it has all worked out really well, so im excited to tell you all about it! And so I guess we should just dive in.

       Soo after Elder A, I, V, P, and Me went to KFC we hopped a cab to the CAPU where the busses leave, and me and another Elder took a 2 hour ride to Tehuacan...where we were picked up by none other than Elder Pe! haha it was cool. We are going to be in the same zone and in areas that are right next to each other. Then we got to the house and did boring stuff but lets fast forward a little bit. So my new companion is Elder S, and he was comps with Elder P 2 changes ago! He is 18, from Honduras, and has 9 months on the mission (so just a little bit less than me!). He is a pretty hard worker and we have a pretty good time together, so things are pretty good on that front. Our ward is pretty cool! We have 4 Elders here in the same ward like we did in Huejotzingo so we get to eat with them everyday! The members are helpful, the ward mission leader actually helps us and has coordination meetings with us and stuff, and the bishop. But the area is good! We have some solid investigators and even 2 with fechas! Our house is nice...well now. When i first got to the area, it was kinda like the house in Huejotzingo- nice house but really dirty and abused from the Elders, but one morning I started cleaning and my comp jumped in and we cleaned things up, organized stuff, and then we even got some new stuff from a house they are closing in another area. So now the house is awesome, and all we have left to do is clean up the kitchen a little bit!

       Okay, a little recap of the week since it was full of cool stories! I will only share one since I dont wanna waste your lives, but ill include some news along with it too. First off, we went to eat with a member on my first day here, and we had sardine pattys...and they were....well lets be real, they were sardine pattys man. BUT while i was eating, i happened to find a small cricket in mine, and so im like oops, well ill just move that over to the side of my plate....but then i was like wait....ive eaten some pretty wierd things here and maybe it was intended....and i didnt wanna offend the Hermana, so i went ahead and ate it. NBD....till after the food, we are all talking about how....interesting it was, and Im like yah, and the crickets were nasty too! And theyre like uhhh...what crickets? And thats when I realized I had made a terrible mistake haha so it was funny.

      So in other news, Im not going to be able to go to the temple with the G Family on the 21st like i had been looking forward too. Since I had emergency transfers, Im now too far away to go to the temple and then make it back by 6 oclock to work again, which is the rule for going to the temple. So its pretty sad, but Elder P is gonna go with Elder T in my place, and he isnt happy that i cant go either haha but I guess the important thing is that they are going to be sealed as a family for all eternity! So thats the update on that. 

      Anddd finally, we had our Christmas Conference as a Zone this week and the night before, we had 6 other Elders stay at our house with us cause we have those extra beds. It was awesome. We basically talked and then they had me play them all my new songs and stuff on guitar and then we sang some covers, and it was awesome haha So that was fun.

       The spiritual thought this week comes from King Benjamin who is pretty much the greatest guy ever haha His chapters in the Book of Mormon are awesome. But the part that drew my attention the most this week, was something I think Dad will like haha. In chapter 4 in verse 10 it is talking about how belief isnt enough without action. Well at the end of the verse he says "and now, if you believe all these things see that ye do them." And if you know my Dad at all, you know where this is going haha a phrase commonly heard in my household (more often than not directed at me) is "If you know, then DO!" And the more I think about that and apply it, Ive realized just how true it is! How easy is it to say that we believe something? Pretty simple. But to then take that next step and apply that faith with action, trusting in God, well thats the hard part! If we know, then we must DO! Because if we dont, our faith is dead and we are going to be held accountable for actions and innactions after this life.

Hey guys! Love you all a ton! Have a good time this week and I will skype you all soon!
Elder Josh Hamm

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